It is not something that's been proposed yet

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Tapeworm - create pouch with RuneScape Mobile gold 23 shards and a kingworm; fights at level 40, giving controlled experience; when it dies, the killer gets poisoned for 10, and is not cured; this applies to the Corporeal Beast too which makes it a fascinating companion for him.

Void Splatter is a charming item which can be bought from Void Knights. When it is destroyed, it explodes just like the real deal. Army Ant gives you experience in combat, beast of burden, scroll move summons two lower leveled Ants to attack your opponent to inflict 2 damage. Panther - grants strength bonus; can be transferred to Feldip hunting zone.

Vyrewing - This pouch is constructed from the remains of the vyrewatch. Skeletal Toroton, a beast of burden, scrolls teleports to your safe Respawn. Dark Phoenix - uses magic to fight; scroll move can kill it, and then transfer the health of its victim to yours. Black Unicorn – healer; heals for 3 hitpoints every day; beast of burden The scroll move boosts your strength.

It is not something that's been proposed yet, that I am aware of. However, Spirit Dragon is a well-known name that can cause discussions. It is summoned with Blue Charm, 100 shards and Dragon Bones, and Dragon Hide of whatever dragon you like; requires 99 Summoning, of course. Blue dragons have a mild freezing breath, green poisons and red is a normal fire attack, and black is a fire attack that drains stats. It's quite cool, I'm sure. They also act as beasts of burden, and they can transport you to various places, based on buy OSRS gold the dragon you are.