There is the fighter chest and other stuff u can get from minigames

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So umm is there OSRS gold another way to discover a place to key correctly? Or just wait for 110 dunge and host flooring 110+? Don't even imply DGS, they are a dreadful clan which aims to be effective yet is extremely inefficient and hypocritical, while attempting to prevent anybody who points this out by reporting their posts as junk. Grimy Bunyip (among the leaders) has also openly stated that he thinks that Bu11seye00 must hack RuneScape, as he can conceive no other way in which Bu11seye00 could get flooring faster than Grimy does (that average at well over 20mins).

I don't mean to burst your bubble, but at 110+ you will find just as many people who can't dung as at below 110. If you want to get better at keying, just continue doing it. Keying for randoms will slow down your floor times, but it also improves your keying. If you are utilized to not having to rely on your staff as much, but nevertheless able to do so effectively in the event that Old school runescape gold you get a good team, you'll have the ability to deal with circumstances as soon as your team messes up as you'll be used to them.