10 FAQ about gps speed limiter manufacturered by UniGuard

A gps speed limiter is a combination of vehicle GPS tracking and vehicle speed limit technology. GPS integrated speed limiter device is designed to limit the maximum road speed of motor vehicles by control of engine power.

QA about GPS Speed Limiter for Ethiopia:

  1. Is your GPS Speed Limiter well approved, testified, and recognized by the Ethiopia market and Authority?

Yes, as one of the very first several companies who invented GPS Speed Limiters for the Ethiopia market according to standard of Ethiopian FTA, our GPS Speed Limiters becomes one of the best in market.. And we have been exporting quite a number of GPS Speed Limiters to Ethiopia every month.

  1. What mechanism will the device use to limit the speed of mechanical vehicles and the additional device it uses?

For the vehicles which are mechanical type, an extra Solenoid valve or Actuator can be connected to carry out speed limit.

  1. What mechanism will the device use to limit the speed of electronic throttle vehicles and the additional device it uses?

For electronic throttle vehicles, clients can choose to connect ECU controller to limit the speed.

  1. How to set the speed and check the speed?

To set the speed, there are Three ways. First, you can set the speed limit from our online platform (details are available on the manual). Second, you can also set the speed limit via SMS command. Third, you can connect device to computer and configure the limit speed via PC tool.

To check the speed, there are also Four ways. First, by SMS command. Second, by web tracking platform. Third, by computer based config tool. Forth, by Bluetooth printer.

  1. What are the contents of the full kit shipped for both mechanical and electronic throttle vehicles?

GPS speed limiter, GPS antenna, GSM antenna, wires

Optional accessory with extra cost: Bluetooth printer, Solenoid valve, Mechanical actuator, ECU controller.

  1. How do you calibrate speed signal?

We have a special setting which will enable the device to calibrate speed signal automatically.

  1. How can you calibrate the speed signal if the speedometer is not working?

It works out if anywhere you can find the pulse signal line of the vehicle.

  1. Is the speed limiter developed fully following the standard of the Ethiopian government?

Yes, this speed limiter is developed fully according to the standard of the Ethiopian government. It soundly fulfills the requirements of a speed limiter for the Ethiopian market.

  1. Can you help me to take the authorization of selling this product in Ethiopia?

Yes, if needed, we will offer full help to our clients to get authorization while the cost related will be on account of our clients. Normally it takes about 15 days to make the authorization letter.

  1. Is it easy to get a speed limiter installed into the car?

It’s only easy for a professional engineer who is familiar with car and car circuits. And we always recommend our clients to arrange professional engineers to carry out the installation. We also have local technical support to help you when you have problem.