2k20 and 2k19 and I performed on PC

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When it begins it tries to download updates from servers offline. NBA MT Coins attempts to upgrade, even if steam is found in offline mode. As a result NBA 2K can't begin or progress pass the update display. Steam will not issue a refund either, so a 60 dollar match becomes worthless after 2 years. A lot of people buy NBA games? Was not the previous one for being a gambling lambasted simulator using a basketball mode tacked on? I don't play sports games but I recall seeing something in passing like this.

Thats not a thing. Each time skipped the ad a year ago playing on PC trigger NBA 2K loads so. And? It is not unskippable, plays while NBA 2K is loading. I've an SSD and its loading the ad is finished. I am not looking at my television anyway while this loads, prob. But when you really bothered that 2ktv from the settings.FILE _ could turn off 2_EXTENSION u don't get karma?

It is unskippable, you dolt. I have had an ad before for some TV series in NBA 2K19 (don't remember what the show was it was not Snowfall) and it stated"game loaded" to get a good 15 seconds prior to the ad ended. No it's not"unskippable" just turn off 2ktv from the choices like I mentioned and u won't see it but thanks for the insults? Classic rude and internet citizen speaking bs confidently out of the ass. Because that choice does exist, oh wait, you can't.

It does not disturb me to be throwing a fit about it although I didn't even realize that it was gone. I have the Xbox manual im not even looking at it and am listening to music. If you're on PC out? Why you'd get it on pc 9, idk. I concur its dumb they took that option out. Because I really don't have a console, nor do I have the urge to have one since all NBA 2Ks I want to play with are on PC, such as PC only and outdated games you can't play on the current gen consoles.

2k20 and 2k19 and I performed on PC for the MyCareer to buy mt and MyGM modes. I only play the single NBA 2K player, therefore it doesn't matter if there's no NBA 2K playerbase in NBA 2K. A little off-topic but I'm not buying yet another 2K though because both of them are playing unskippable ads and removed the choice to turn off 2KTV (along with all of the bullshit MTX and 2K cheese). I'll be absolutely fine with offline only. It's not throwing a fit. I'm just complaining that a game is enjoying advertisements.