Time never owes me.

"Why do you want me to coax you to sleep?" Song Mufeng was worried about her weakness

"Why do you want me to coax you to sleep?" Song Mufeng was worried about her weakness and wanted her to take advantage of the weekend to rest a little longer. All right, I'll go to bed by myself, and you don't have to coax me. Intoxicated said to walk to the bedroom, and when he was approaching, he suddenly turned to Song Mufeng and said, "Actually, I lied to you just now.". I didn't go out to buy those dishes. Aunt Meng sent them over. She went back when she saw you weren't there. "My mother is here?" "Mmm." Intoxicated bow should be, the voice is soft, originally also wanted to say something, thought about what did not say. Song Mufeng looked at her micro-expression and urged her, "go to bed quickly." Turn the eye color slightly gathered, as if containing a bunch of spring. The first time they met in May, the summer lotus was in full bloom, the breeze was slightly rippling, and the time was a long summer in a flash. Now it is in late September, and October is coming quietly. The red maple trees have not yet been dyed, and the Chinese parasol trees are still flourishing. This is a special gift for the people who are running around in this city in the transitional season of panic. Song Mufeng tidied up the table and looked into the bedroom. She was already asleep. The afternoon sun shone lazily on the bedding, and she had just taken cold medicine, so she fell asleep quickly. Song Mufeng closed the door gently and went to the balcony to dial his mother's phone. Mom, did you come to my house today? "Well, are you okay?" "Have a complete physical examination,ultrasonic spray nozzle, it's all right.". So, did you see intoxication? "Of course I saw it. I heard about it. The girl flew directly to Ulan Bator because she was worried about you. I said you had to treat her well." Song Mufeng heard here to hold the forehead, "who told you ah, must be Qiao Lingyun that boy, this guy did not have a door on his mouth." Clearly is the tone of Tucao friends, but his face is unable to hide the smile, thinking that this boy is finally reliable once. Does it matter who told me? Anyway, you treat others well and can't bully them casually. Song Mufeng raised his eyebrows as if he were talking to himself and said,ultrasonic dispersion machine, "which is willing to give up?" There is tenderness between his eyebrows and eyes that cannot be hidden. " If you are bullied, you have to be responsible for others. "Mom, you're not talking nonsense in front of me, are you? She was sick yesterday and forgot to bring the key. I took her to my house. Don't talk nonsense. The little girl is thin-skinned." "How can I? I saw that she had not eaten breakfast and quickly found an excuse to leave, but also invited her to play at home next time, how about your mother's performance is good, did not drop the chain for you?" Song Mufeng smiled and said to the other end of the phone, "No." It was an hour after I woke up, and the sunshine outside the window had changed from duck yellow to brown. She opened the wardrobe and wanted to change her clothes before going out. The snow-white chiffon shirt and the light blue plaid pleated skirt hung intact in the wardrobe, with no wrinkles at all and a faint fragrance. Next to Song Mufeng's clothes, intoxicated to see the past, mostly plain shirts and his flight uniform, think of the way he wore the uniform and just pulled his tie, she can not help but feel a little ambiguous. Then he changed his clothes, took the shirt he had worn in his hand and walked out of the bedroom. When I opened the door, ultrasonic metal welding ,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, I saw Song Mufeng sitting at the dining table with his back to her. On the table were two airplane models, several cowhide covered notepads, an iPad, and some drawings and pens. I thought he was busy, so I wanted to say goodbye and go home. Song Mufeng heard the sound and looked back, saw the intoxication of changing clothes, still holding his shirt in his hand, and asked her gently, "Wake up?" Intoxicated nodded. Song Mufeng looked at her, the chiffon shirt cloth is clear, very draping, the sleeve is trumpet design, there is a tie bow at the neck, pleated skirt is as fresh as a freshman, revealing her good figure, as well as her long legs at a glance. Are you ready to go home? "Well, Sue came back from a business trip last night, and I won't bother you with your work." "What are you doing with that dress?" Go back and wash it for you, and then send it to you. ” Song Mufeng stood up and walked to her side, took the clothes from her hand and put them on the back of the chair, then held her shoulder and let her sit down opposite, intoxicated with what he meant by this move, was it to let himself work with him? "Intoxicated," Song Mufeng called her name in a heavy tone, intoxicated looked up into her eyes is his serious face, "listen carefully to my next words." Intoxicated, not knowing what medicine he was selling, he nodded sincerely. Song Mufeng opened one of the files on the iPad and handed it to him. "This is all the procedures that a plane has to perform before taking off. That is to say, if a plane has been checked by the crew without any problems, the pilot still has to go around the plane to ensure that there is no mistake. In addition, we have to carry out an absolutely strict pre-flight check password." She felt like a college student who had not graduated yet, listening carefully to the knowledge that the teacher taught her. Song Mufeng took two aircraft models from the side and continued, "These are the two models I fly, Airbus A320 and A330. The safety and flight performance of these two models are guaranteed.." His voice was clear and magnetic, and he did not deliberately lower his tone when teasing her, but also receded the childishness of youth, giving people a kind of obsessed peace of mind. Intoxicated listening to his story, the mind suddenly jumped out of such an adjective: obsessed peace of mind. After introducing the aircraft type, Song Mufeng took out the prepared paper and pen and wrote, "I just told you about the security system of the aircraft. Next, I will tell you about the dangers we may encounter during the flight.". The first is a bird strike, like yesterday, especially when the birds hit the engine, which is likely to cause the engine to fail, but in the face of this situation, we have a strategy to deal with it.. Song Mufeng said as he drew a picture of the power plant on the paper, twisting the paper with his fingers,ultrasonic molten metal, and the picture came to the middle of intoxication and Song Mufeng. He turned sideways and carefully explained the emergency operation for her. Intoxicated has not resisted new knowledge, plus Song Mufeng is really simple, she listened very carefully. fycgsonic.com