The inverse of heaven

The four of them tried all kinds of ways, but failed to break through the pearlescent boundary.

The four of them tried all kinds of ways, but failed to break through the pearlescent boundary. It was not until more than ten hours after Wang Lin's evolution stopped that they found that the boundary that had been trapping them had disappeared. They dug for a while and found Wang Lin. Although consciousness into the day inverse beads, but Wang Lin himself is in a state of self-defense, trying to wake up his Luo Li, if not quick reaction, was almost wounded by him, the highest of the four strange people did not dare to approach Wang Lin. He did not even dare to look at him, to be exact, he did not dare to look at the dark bead suspended in front of Wang Lin's forehead. Finally, after consulting with Xiaoyu and Caidie, Luo Li decided to find a way to dig through the earth's crust first, and then find a way to get Wang Lin out. As for the opinions of the strange man, would he have any opinions? Lack of communication with people, he is like a child, although Lori a royal Highness, appears to respect each other, but for its character, she still knows. The idea of three girls to take, through the stratum of such a difficult and glorious task is of course to the strange man to do, in fact,ultrasonic cutting machine, if you don't leave quickly, four people will be suffocated to death because of oxygen exhaustion, in the pearlescent boundary shrouded in what do not feel, pearlescent removed, the oxygen in the narrow space is slowly reduced, even if the dust period master can not survive under the lack of oxygen, Not to mention several of them. The efficiency of the strange man's excavation was quite high. It took him half a day to excavate the stratum. At this time, Wang Lin's consciousness suddenly retreated from the inverse beads. When he looked at the three women with six pairs of big eyes staring at him,ultrasonic spray nozzle, Wang Lin was stunned for a moment. Then he seemed to remember something. His eyes suddenly stared, and the three women, including Lori, suddenly felt a shock in their minds. He suddenly fainted. Although Wang Lin's mental impact suppressed more than 90% of the force, it was still perceived by the strange man digging above. He slid down the channel that had been dug and looked at Wang Lin doubtfully, apparently confused about the situation. You are my friend, I believe you, I hope you can help me keep a secret, do not say to anyone what happened underground, especially do not mention this bead to anyone. Wang Lin said this sentence, raised his hand to raise the day inverse bead, the result of his action immediately under the strange eyes flashing to the corner of a shrink. Careful of the meaning of the probe, found that Wang Lin had put away the beads, the strange man finally straightened up, ultrasonic extraction cbd ,ultrasonic emulsifying machine, pointed to Wang Lin with his finger, and pointed to himself, and finally slapped hard in the chest a few times and said: "You, Wu, friends, help friends, keep secrets!" "Well, I believe you. I've known you for so long that I know your name is Wu. It's a little strange. It's as strange as your people." Wang Lin said no longer pay attention to the strange man, straight crouched down, in turn with the eyes swept over the three fainting women, Wang Lin palm a clench a loose, the palm has been more than a transparent crystal medicine bottle, which ripples with a dark blue flashing dreamy luster of liquid. Wang Lin pinched the mouths of Xiaoyu and Caidie with his hands, poured a quarter into each mouth, and then urged them to drink it with yuan Li. After all this, he went to Luoli again. Because Luoli had a mask on his face, he could only choose to uncover the mask, and a beautiful face immediately appeared in front of him. Wang Lin looked at his face and suddenly froze. What surprised him was not the beauty of the other side, but the two blue runes winding down the other side's face. The appearance of the runes made him look very familiar, as if he had seen them there. It was just that he couldn't remember them for a while. If he couldn't remember them, he wouldn't think about them for a while. Wang Lin just froze for a moment and pinched open his mouth. He also poured a tenth of the blue liquid and fed it to him. This blue dream potion is called Xiyoulu, which is a magical potion that can wash away people's memories. As long as the dosage of the potion is different, the time for the other party to forget the memory is also different. The dosage of a small bottle can make a person forget what happened in two months. Wang Lin gave each of them a quarter, that is to say, it will make them forget what happened in half a month. Worry washing dew is only a first-level exchange for the potion with limited effect. It only works for those whose mental strength is below level 6. Fortunately, except for the fighters who major in mental strength, the general level 14 or 5 physical fighters rarely break through to level 6 for spiritual cultivation. With Wang Lin's spiritual cultivation reaching the dust period, it can be found out naturally that among the three women, Only Luo Li's mental strength reaches the fifth level, and the mental strength of Xiaoyu and Caidie is only three poles. Because the potion used by Wang Lin is only a first-level potion, it is not impossible to restore the memory that has been washed away. As long as the person who takes the potion breaks through to the eleventh level of his own mental strength, or gets the antidote for washing the dew, he can restore his memory. However, even if he is a master of physical skills in the later period of entering the dust, there are very few people who have cultivated their mental strength to more than the eleventh level. Although Xiyoulu is a first-level potion, its antidote is Sanji. The mother emperor's mainland pharmacy is extremely backward, and what can be refined is only the general healing and recovery of this kind of unfashionable potion. Even all kinds of first-level and second-level potions are found in various relics. Now, in such a backward mainland, the probability of finding Xiyoulu Sanji antidote is less than one in a billion. After doing all this, Wang Lin waved his hand again, and the crystal bottle with a quarter of the medicine left disappeared. After reaching the second-level management authority, Wang Lin was able to initially integrate the inverse beads into his body. The inverse beads were hidden in his wrist, and it was very convenient to take and put things. As long as he did not say, no one could see through his secret. Brother Wu, take the three of them out. Let's meet at the Lingqi ceremony. Wang Lin, who was very confident about Tianni's traditional Chinese medicine and did not have to worry about the three women revealing his secret,ultrasonic cutting machine, said to the strange man Wu Gong. Wu looked at Wang Lin nodded and did not speak. He reached out his hand and waved to the three women on the ground. The three of them were immediately pulled up by an invisible force. With Wu, they flew into the newly excavated passage. Wang Lin could clearly feel that the strange man Wu was deeply afraid of himself, or was afraid of the beads he owned.