Mecha Indentured Slave "Tanbi Mecha"

"Moreover, our mission not only received a very generous reward, many people were also favored by the military,

"Moreover, our mission not only received a very generous reward, many people were also favored by the military, and I was one of them, saying that I could enter directly after graduation." Yates said that he had not mentioned these words because of Tian Li's emotional problems. That's a good thing. Congratulations, our future great mecha warrior. Luo Xiaolou said sincerely. So are you, the great mecha maker of the future. But what about Tian Li? I see that he has been practicing mecha manufacturing very hard in the last six months. The parts you store here are often disassembled by him, combined repeatedly, and read carefully, but the results.. Ates said worriedly. Luo Xiaolou was silent for two seconds, looking at Tian Li who came in again, and said, "I couldn't do anything before, but now I have an idea." As soon as Ates's eyes lit up, Tian Li just came over and muttered, "What are you two talking about? You laugh so wretchedly behind my back.." Luo Xiaolou turned to look at Tian Li and pressed down his hand holding the wine glass. He said solemnly, "Tian Li, I want to discuss something with you." Tian Li was made serious by Luo Xiaolou's seriousness. "What's the matter?" He asked. Even Ates is a little nervous, if Luo Xiaolou can let Tian Li cheer up, he is also happy for Tian Li. Luo Xiaolou looked at Tian Li's eyes and said earnestly, "Give up mecha manufacturing." Luo Xiaolou a word, let Tian Li and Yatus stay there. Ates frowned slightly, is Luo Xiaolou going to use the goad method? However, it is not easy for Tian Li to read books steadfastly in the past six months. Luo Xiaolou is now hitting Tian Li so hard that it can work? "Are you kidding me?" For a long time, Tian Licai said. No, I'm seriously advising you this time, Tian Li, you're not fit to be a mecha maker. Luo Xiaolou then threw a heavy bomb at the two men, and then said slowly under the stunned gaze of the two men, "If you want to go to the military headquarters, I can help you." Tian Li jumped over, grabbed Luo Xiaolou by the collar, stared at him, and shouted with a red face: "I was wrong about you, boy!"! Even if you are the prince and concubine, the old man will still beat you! I want to go to the army,ultrasonic sonochemistry machine, but I have to go on my own! Why should I use your help?! Tian Li was so angry that his eyes were bloodshot, and he drank a lot of wine, which made him even more excited. But Tian Li's clenched fist clenched again and again, facing Luo Xiaolou, who looked thin and weak, he really couldn't do it. Luo Xiaolou pushed Tian Li's hand holding his clothes, and Yatus hurried over and pulled Tian Li away. Both of you, think before you speak. Ates could not help but say to the two men, who were obviously disturbed. Luo Xiaolou breathed a sigh of relief and tidied up his collar. Seeing that Yatus was still pressing Tian Li, who was mad, he got up and went to Tian Li's desk. He picked up Tian Li's game chip from the top. Then he turned around and said, "Tian Li, you are so angry because you are afraid that you don't know what to do, right?". But when I say I want to help you, I don't mean to help you say hello to the head of the army and say that I have relatives and friends coming. Tian Li and Yatus both looked at Luo Xiaolou doubtfully, and the rage in Tian Li's eyes went down a little. Luo Xiaolou raised the chip in his hand and looked at Tian Li's eyes and asked, "You play these all day long, and you always want to go to the army, in fact, Ultrasonic emulsifier machines ,ultrasonic dispersing machine, you want to be a mecha fighter, right?" This sentence asked Tian Li, Yates was stunned, turned to look at Tian Li, Tian Li lowered his head, and suddenly there was a thick bitterness in his heart. What do you know?! I, I never thought about it! Tian Li roared, he felt guilty for the first time, he never dared to think deeply, because he knew from an early age that he could not become a mecha fighter, his genetic level is C, not enough to become a mecha fighter qualifications. But -- but why does he love virtual battle games so much? Is what Luo Xiaolou said true. Luo Xiaolou looked at Tian Li, whose face became more and more ugly, and said slowly, "I have an idea now. I want to make a biological mecha.". Biological Mechs, on the other hand, have less stringent restrictions on human genetic levels, that is, you can hopefully fly it and become a Mechfighter. But it is undeniable that the running-in status of genetic level C people and biological mecha is still unknown. You will suffer a lot. Do you want to consider it? His eyes were more eager, while Tian Li stared at Luo Xiaolou, clenched his teeth and said, "I'll try even if I die!" Immediately, he asked eagerly, "Hey, are you sure?" Luo Xiaolou looked at Tian Li, who was only excited and not worried for the first time in half a year, and smiled, "You can rest assured that I will give you as soon as possible, but this matter should be kept secret first." Since the second half of his freshman year, Luo Xiaolou discovered the change of Tian Li, but also saved this idea, now repeatedly learned a lot about biological mecha things, and produced a batch of biological mecha parts, he dared to tell Tian Li. Tian Li and Yatus naturally understood that the biological mecha was of great importance, and they all nodded solemnly in excitement and surprise. In the evening, the original came to pick up Luo Xiaolou, and after saying goodbye to them, Luo Xiaolou and the original returned to the house of Ansai Planet, which was marked by the owner of the house. As soon as he opened the door, he threw his coat on the sofa and said, "I'm starving." Luo Xiaolou had no choice but to say, "All right, I'll go and see if there's any grain left." 125 glanced at two people, a few steps to his cabin, it has not come back for a long time, wow, its small bed, its TV, its red dinosaur! There are also many exquisite decorations quietly placed in it. Luo Xiaolou arrived at the kitchen, with good luck, and there were vegetables, fish, and even cakes in the refrigerator that he had bought before. As soon as Luo Xiaolou took out the ingredients, yuan Xi, who was leaning against the kitchen door, suddenly said, "Wait." Luo Xiaolou was stunned, left for a moment,sonicator homogenizer, and soon came back, holding a pink apron in his hand, with a big yellow cat squatting in the middle. The former came over proudly. "I'll buy it for you-I asked someone else to bring it back. Put it on." 。