Be obsessed with scheming

Also can not have the slightest hesitation to softhearted step! Now there is a woman with child in her body.

Also can not have the slightest hesitation to softhearted step! Now there is a woman with child in her body. One is Mrs. Ning Hua. The Ruan clan is the last remnant in the harem. One is Zhaohua's wife Lin Xueqing. A new clan of consorts. Although the imperial concubine is favored. But it never came out. Besides, the family background is hard to mention. So it's not a problem for the time being. Although Ning Hua is pregnant first, who knows whether it is a man or a woman? If Zhao Hua gets a man in one fell swoop,PET blow moulding machine, and Ning Hua only gives birth to a princess, the Lin family will soar to the sky. His daughter was the queen,water bottle packaging machine, and his father and brother were in power in the court. So the only chance was to get rid of the child who was still in the womb while the emperor was hunting. And the emperor had already checked the first opportunity, with the son as a sacrifice. Push her, let her unconsciously, Edible oil filling machine ,water bottling line, must take this road, so that the queen mother no longer turn over possible! In other words, the emperor didn't want Mrs. Zhaohua to give birth at all, and he didn't want Lin Xiao to be arrogant. Similarly, he did not want Mrs. Ninghua to borrow her son to ascend the throne. So, this is his plan to kill two birds with one stone. Choose to kill Ruan Danqing before he came out, is to let the Ruan family chaos. To impeach him in the midst of his siege is to add to their confusion. Abolish after before vigorously promote the imperial concubine, plus instrument plus pet, is to the queen mother had to make a move. After all, murdering a Dragonborn is something only the stupidest woman would do. There is no need to take such a big risk to bet on a child who is unknown whether it is male or female. The queen mother is not stupid, but people will be confused. After the chaos, they will lose their reason. Fei Xin knew that the queen mother would not come to her to do this. Maybe in the past,water filling machine, but definitely not now. In the queen mother's eyes, she is no longer the former obedient, with the queen mother to follow the lead of the red heart.