A space tower fell from the sky.

Zhang Hao thought about it and asked Shi Erniu and his wife to call Ye Hua and his wife.

Zhang Hao thought about it and asked Shi Erniu and his wife to call Ye Hua and his wife. Before long, Ye Hua and his wife also got the same treatment. After taking the strengthening potion, they practiced for less than half an hour, and they were also shocked to feel everything about themselves. The two were smarter than Shi Erniu and his wife, and they got a bigger promotion. What they said was much better than Tian Chunhua's primary loyalty lines, which made Zhang Hao impatient. He interrupted the couple's excited and loyal lines and asked the four guards to keep it absolutely confidential so that they could come here every afternoon to take medicine and practice. Four people are a pair of "grandpa you let me die can" look gone, leaving three Grain Buds face puzzled to be in a daze there. Zhang Hao just told the two sisters not to mention this matter, and Heidouding was told by him alone, which made Heidouding excited. Because he knew that Zhang Hao was experimenting with giving people new abilities, and as long as the experiment was successful, all three of them had the same.. Well, it's super treatment. After all this, Zhang Hao began to modify the solar power system in the small yard. I have to say, the things in the third space are really practical. With this thing, it's no problem to get a long-term freezer under the big house. Of course, that's not the point. The point is that with this more efficient solar power system, Big House's new security team will be able to work online. (Subscription support only) Chapter 199 Mass Manufacturing of Daqing Awakened (Fifth Watch). Before long, the third primary school of the black family looked at the fifty combat robots thrown out by Zhang Hao and was stunned. Can the master become a living person? Zhang Hao cut open the wrist of a battle robot in front of them, scaring the little girl to close her eyes, but when she heard the voice of surprise from her brother and sister, she couldn't help peeking at a small crack. There was no bloody picture in the imagination, the expressionless man did not shout, did not move, there was no blood where the wrist was cut, the wound was not flesh, but a kind of glue, and a silver metal arm was exposed in the wound. Zhang Hao said with a smile: "They are not people,liquid bottle filling machine, but machines, or puppets.". It's like a small snail, but they're bigger, and I covered them with a layer of rubber or something like that, and they look like people. The three girls all looked at the wound, and the kitten poked her fingernails curiously, nodding and affirming: "It's definitely not meat, it's a bit like.." QQ candy? Zhang Hao absolutely said that when the high-tech bionic material in the third space came into your mouth, it turned into a bag of QQ candy for one yuan? Can this big eater be reliable! After marveling for a while, Sanxiao was also told by Zhang Hao not to reveal the true existence of these puppets, saying to the outside world that they were bodyguards trained by Zhang Hao. Hei Douding got the right to control the battle robot, and the two sisters only had the right to be protected, because Zhang Hao was afraid that if Hei Miaomiao took a battle robot out, it would kill a lot of people. These battle robots are all changed into Daqing's clothes, Vegetable oil filling machine ,juice filling machine, all wrapped up, black beans Ding can take a few with him when he goes out. Most of the rest are kept dormant around the house, and only when the situation occurs will they turn on the combat mode, so that they will continue to work for a long time, and they can take turns to charge every day to keep their energy full. At this point, Zhang Hao turned the home of Xizhou Prefecture into a dragon's pool and a tiger's den. Not to mention that the state capital of Xizhou now only has a warrior level, even if one or two warrior level masters force their way into his home, they will be beaten into honeycomb briquette every minute. Athena is still continuously producing two kinds of potions. Zhang Hao looted enough things last time, but it was enough for several people to use. With the strengthening potion, there is little difference between the cultivation of his mental strength in Daqing and the third space. Zhang Hao also tested the awakening potion on Black Douding and Black Miaomiao, and the effect was not unexpected. The amount was large and the tube was full. It did not have much effect on Daqing creatures with strong constitution. After five days, Shi Erniu and Ye Hua, two pairs of guards, succeeded in awakening their abilities. Shi Erniu awakened a muscular body similar to Selena, greatly increasing her strength, while Tian Chunhua awakened a body of steel, and Zhang Hao was speechless. This is too coincidental, after Shi Erniu and his wife can just practice each other's original martial arts, is a complete husband and wife team. However, both of them practiced the skill of moving mountains, and Zhang Hao simply gave them the matching martial arts of falling snow axe. As for whether Shi Erniu practiced alone or both husband and wife became double-axe berserkers, it depends on their own choice. By the way, let Shi Erniu go to Tiehu to ask for the pair of exquisite axes raised by Haitian. I think Tiehu doesn't care about that. Leaf flower couple is also very interesting, leaf flower awakened spiritual perception, proper spiritual ability. His daughter-in-law, Mu Dashi, awakened the ability to curse, which is also a spiritual ability. Zhang Hao smiled and said nothing in the face of the result. At present, the four people still come to the courtyard every day to get the strengthening potion and practice after taking it. Zhang Hao no longer monitors their situation at any time. With his experience, the four people will be promoted to the third rank very quickly. There is a lot of trouble for the level four awakening, and Zhang Hao himself is stuck here. This is a checkpoint, and quantitative change will eventually lead to qualitative change. It is possible for a level 4 awakener to hit three or five level 3 awakeners, depending on the specific ability. Like Dakota, the third level has almost no means of attack, and the fourth level can easily kill the opponent, which is a typical example. The promotion to the fourth level of awakening is not simply a matter of taking drugs. There will be a big process of integration and coordination between physical and mental strength. Even if the medicine is strengthened, the physique is enough. Zhang Hao estimates that it will take one to two months. Zhang Hao did not intend to let the four guards continue to become stronger. When the time comes, if he leaves, he will become a weak master and a strong servant. In the long run, the four people may not have a crooked mind. In the past few days, the three boys all began to practice the Golden Cicada Skill, which was no stranger to them. After drinking the strengthening potion, the three of them continued to practice. This time the little girl also wants to go together, after all, Dakota's example is before,Blowing Filling Capping combiblock, a one-year-old girl can not compare with the current constitution of black bean sprouts, so the awakening of the physical requirements of her is certainly satisfied, unlike practicing martial arts requires the basic completion of physical development to carry out. gzxilinear.com