The princess is seven years old.

What she hates is only the man who sits on the throne! The emperor's brother and her, there is no intersection.

What she hates is only the man who sits on the throne! The emperor's brother and her, there is no intersection. Now, Grandfather Yang seems to be involved in another struggle in the palace. Wooden Lord, I'm sorry to remind you of those unpleasant things. He made a heartfelt apology. Mu Wanjing shook his head slowly. "Recalling these things will only make me more heroic and strong. I have never been a self-pitying person. I will live well until the day of revenge. I will see with my own eyes that the bad people who made me lose all my loved ones will be punished." At the end of the speech, Mu Wanjing got up. "That's settled. You and Yueyue must leave the island safely." On her face, there is an insistence that no one can refuse. Xuanyuan Che also more and more puzzled up, with her skill, she can run away alone, when the little prince left the island, she can follow to leave together. Wait to find reinforcements, and then to fight with Yang father-in-law a group of people, why should she risk this danger to stay, and run here, let him take Yueyue to leave? Why did Mu Wanjing show such concern for him and Yueyue at such a critical moment? Night, black like a silent black cloth, heavy pressure to the ground. After Mu Wanjing changed into night clothes, the whole person was able to blend into the boundless night. You two follow me, and the others must stay by their sides, and in any case, they must protect them. Stick to the plan, let's go! She ordered in a deep voice and jumped out first with agility. Xuanyuan Che and Su Yueyue did not trust Mu Wanjing to take only two disciples to distract the attention of Grandfather Yang and his group,silk cherry blossom tree, after all, it was tantamount to self-entrapment. Yang father-in-law, the most powerful weapon, is the two cannons, just find a way to solve the problem of cannons, and then they and Mu Wanjing against the enemy, the odds will be greatly increased. So,artificial plant wall panels, the plan to Xuanyuan Che here, then turned a direction, he ordered people to quietly dive near the two ships with cannons, find the right opportunity to cut a few big holes in the ship, make it sink into the water by itself, the cannon will lose all its power. Yang father-in-law will send a large number of troops to guard the two guns, can only take advantage of the quiet wood night to make a noise, attract this group of people in the past that time, is the best time. I just hope this cooperation can be successful. Mu Wanjing three people armed with a sword, almost straight into the camp of father-in-law Yang, all the soldiers who heard the news almost surrounded up, and Xuanyuan Che also took advantage of the chaos to sneak into a boat, began to act. When the two ships were finally smashed into many big holes and the water began to rush to the bottom of the ship, they left secretly. How dare you, woman! Dare to stab this father-in-law? Grandfather Yang, cherry blossom wedding centerpiece ,artificial banyan trees, in a shrill voice, glanced darkly at the veiled Mu Wanjing. If I don't kill you, it's not enough to calm my aunt's anger! Mu Wanjing raised her voice and said that the tent was now brightly lit, and she was surrounded by many soldiers. "You insidious villain, kill my disciples, and I will personally avenge them!" "My father-in-law has already said that as long as you hand over Lord Rui and his party, you can keep your merciless island safe." Grandfather Yang's face was dark, his face was thin and tender, and his eyes were full of haze, which made people look straight and numb. Dream your dreams for a thousand years! Mu Wanjing glanced at him with a cold smile. You, capture this woman who doesn't know the current affairs. My father-in-law will come to interrogate her personally and see where she hid Rui Wang Ye and his party! Grandfather Yang waved his big hand and ordered. All of a sudden, the sound of fighting was heard. Mu Wanjing was seriously injured by the impact of the cannon before, even if the surface can not be seen, the internal force has also suffered a lot of damage, and only with two disciples in the side, three people opposite such a brave soldier, will soon be somewhat powerless. The heart is also only looking forward to, more delay some time, so that Xuanyuan Che and his party as soon as possible to leave the merciless island. Stop it! A clear voice suddenly came into the ears of all the people. After hearing the familiar voice, Grandfather Yang pulled up a smile on his lips and soon disappeared. Stop it! It's Lord Rui. He immediately put on a look of eagerness and ran out of the crowd. As soon as Xuanyuan Che attacked the black clothes, Fengshen appeared handsome in front of the soldiers. In his hand, he held Su Yueyue's little hand firmly. The two of them stepped into the tent, and suddenly the brilliance of the other tent became dazzling. Wang Ye, little princess, the old slave finally found you, but the old slave was worried to death! Yang father-in-law pretended to come forward, eyes constantly searching around, but did not find the figure of the little prince, the heart did not feel some doubts, where did they put the little prince? When Mu Wanjing heard this sentence from Grandfather Yang, the little princess was also surprised. Is Su Yueyue Princess Rui? Isn't she ten years old? How could you marry someone else so early? Such consternation made her unable to come to her senses for a long time. Grandfather Yang, the king sees that you have eaten the courage of the ambitious leopard! How dare you use artillery to attack Ruthless Island before confirming the king's safety? Do you want to kill the king? Xuanyuan Che's eyes swept over Grandfather Yang fiercely, and the atmosphere made the latter bend down and say repeatedly: "The old slave should die, the old slave should die!" Mu Wan looked at this scene quietly and coldly. His whole body, that noble spirit, is born with a sense of oppression, Yang father-in-law who is used to being a villain, naturally immediately reveals the nature of a slave. Grandfather Yang, you're here to save us, aren't you? When Su Yueyue saw Grandfather Yang, she almost immediately knelt down with a sweet smile on her face and asked softly. Back to the little princess, the old slave is received Liu Chengzhu's urgent notice, this just hurried to rescue, in order not to let the emperor worry, the old slave to the palace claimed to want to go out of the palace for medical treatment, this just out of the palace,artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings, looking for general Wu borrowed soldiers and came. Yang father-in-law answered alertly, and also blocked the words that Xuanyuan Che wanted to ask. He was just a general manager of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and it seemed that it was not his turn to transfer the army.