Qin Di Qin Di

The red light in the eyes of the warriors of death has completely subsided. Like waking up from a dream.

The red light in the eyes of the warriors of death has completely subsided. Like waking up from a dream. One by one, different voices come out of the mouth. He woke up in a low exclamation. Yes, some of them noticed the circle of ice bear corpses in the distance, and the red snow was too obvious. Circle @ @ "Yin Zhu, what happened?" Oliveira's fighting spirit is the strongest in the crowd, and it is also the first one to react. Son @ @ Ye Yinzhu stood up and said calmly, "Just now I used the music to destroy the ice bear. My lack of strength led to the failure to completely control the music, which affected everyone.". Fortunately, the ocean used Peiyuan Meditation to help you resist the attack of the sound of the harp. Her magic power was exhausted. I put her into the life storage gem to rest. On the one hand, Ye Hongyan was fully awake at this time. Although his own strength was slightly inferior to Oliveira, his observation was still above Oliveira. He soon saw the changes in Ye Yinzhu's body, and his appearance seemed to be the same as the original Ye Yinzhu. But his eyes are so deep, as if in this short period of time, the whole person has become mature,ultrasonic dispersion machine, and now he has been unable to figure out, the breath from the body is unfathomable. Even Ye Yinzhu himself did not notice. Now, my body has completely turned into a purple. Jian Dan Qin Xin is promoted to Ziwei Qin Xin, and Zizhu's fighting spirit is completely stable, and it forms a special fusion with Ziwei Qin Xin. It's a rhythmic match. Even the sea of his spirit has now turned into a purple sea. Circle @ @ Brenner Mountains. Zi @ @ a purple mist spread from the purple body. When the powerful purple emperor opened his eyes from the practice, his eyes,Ultrasonic nano dispersion, which had always been calm, were full of horror. He looked down at the magic lines that gradually emerged on his amethyst body. "Yin Zhu, what on earth have you done?" Said Zi in horror? Why has your strength increased so dramatically? 。 Originally, I thought the contract of the same life would be more beneficial to you. Can let you use some of my strength, but now it seems that I got a huge benefit from you, good strong intention to kill. Yin Zhu, is it killing that makes you rise again? A touch of deep worry appears in the depths of purple eyes, too fast promotion is not necessarily a good thing. Ye Yinzhu is now full of strength. The consumption of the previous environmental changes not only all recovered, but also their own strength has reached a state that even they are not clear, the body seems to have become more tenacious. Whether it is fighting spirit or magic power, ultrasonic generator driver ,ultrasonic handheld welder, now as long as the mind moves. There is no need to deliberately urge it, and it will be perfect immediately. The skin seems to become a little white, but there is a faint purple halo flowing on the surface of the skin. Summon Ah Da again. The Ice Pole Demon Ape looked at Ye Yinzhu's eyes and became more respectful, or awe. Through the fire of soul sacrifice. Although the benefits it can get from Ye Yinzhu are far less than those of Purple and Lightning Thunder, it is still of great benefit to Warcraft, which has reached a bottleneck like him. Under the command of Ye Yinzhu, the five hundred soldiers of the God of death continued to rest in place, and Ye Yinzhu took charge of the waterfall Lianzhu again. But this time he played "Peiyuan Meditation", and he didn't want Death 500 to have any side effects because of listening to "House of Flying Daggers". Qingyouyuan and Diqin music are naturally sprinkled between the eight fingers. To Ye Yinzhu's surprise. Although the effect of the piano music is obviously much stronger than before. But now when I play this Peiyuan Meditation Song again, I don't have the feeling of elegance and calmness that I used to feel completely integrated into it. It seems that I can completely play the effect of this music without concentrating. But this should be peaceful piano music, but a little more overbearing. In the eyes of Oliveira and Ye Hongyan. Ye Yinzhu's temperament has changed a lot, the original elegance and purity have disappeared, although the nobility is still there. But it is a kind of cold nobility that comes out invisibly. As if high above the emperor. The strings have always been connected with the heartstrings, reaching the heart of Ziwei Qin, Ye Yinzhu. It is far from adapting to the profound meaning of Ziweiqin's heart. So his own breath will naturally be affected by the killing heart of Ziwei Qin Xin, of course, now he has no time to experience more of these. The more important thing for him is how to lead the death 500 to win the final victory of the seven countries and seven dragons. On the ice field, there was never another country to appear, when three hours arrived. When everything around him became distorted again, the voice of O'Brien, the Lord of the Tower of Light, sounded in the distortion. In view of the withdrawal of the three kingdoms of Poli, Palermo and Ascoli from the battle with their ally Dragon City. In order to better carry on the seven countries and seven dragons ranking battle, from now on. The time for each environment transition becomes five hours. The remaining four countries in the environment may be their own country, or two countries, three countries together, or even four countries in a melee, please prepare for the competition. Hear O'Brien's voice. Ye Yinzhu was taken aback. He was aware of the withdrawal of the Kingdom of Polly and the Kingdom of Palermo, but he did not expect that the Kingdom of Ascoli would also be launched from the Seven Nations and Seven Dragons qualifying battle. The allies of the Kingdom of Ascoli are the earth dragons, plus their spear throwers borrowed from Solomon's Fortress. Whether it is attack or defense capability is quite strong, even the whole army was wiped out, did they meet Landias? But Landias was traumatized in the desert. Even if we can defeat the kingdom of Ascoli. There will also be some damage to it, and now we can only hope that the Kingdom of Ascoli will consume a certain amount of strength from the Empire of Landias or the Kingdom of Wave Nightmare while withdrawing, if we look at the normal mutual consumption. Now we still have the allies of the Kingdom of Flo,ultrasonic welding transducer, Landias and Popon, and we should still have the advantage of our own strength. After all, the death of five hundred soldiers in addition to the damage of the seven magicians. The construction is basically in good condition. fycgsonic.com