The prehistoric sage is in a different world.

Lin Feng picked up a Yijin pill and sniffed it in front of his nose.

Lin Feng picked up a Yijin pill and sniffed it in front of his nose. There was no half of the medicinal flavor to diffuse out. He knew in his heart that this was the result of the essence of the medicine being completely restrained. At that moment, he nodded gently and said, "You can use it!" At that moment, Zhou Xin couldn't wait to pick up a pill and dared to go to the house. He carefully boiled the Yijin pill with boiling water, and then wiped it on the tendons and collaterals all over his body. Immediately, Zhou Xin felt a warm feeling coming from the tendons and collaterals of his whole body, and a trace of heat flow spread along his own tendons. Is this medicine so magical? Zhou Xin eyes suddenly emerged a touch of incredible expression, almost just take, Zhou Xin will feel the change of the body, this is too fast! "Of course it's amazing, or why do you think I've been working so hard all night?" Lin Feng comfortably stretched a lazy waist, put away the general Yijin pills: "These days trouble your family, these pills you accept, as I give you the rent!" Provide works such as hand-typed text version of the latest chapter first, txt e-book format free download. [Text Chapter 005 Beauty Out of the Bath, the Protagonist!] In the past few days, Zhou Xin felt that her body was changing more and more. From the very beginning of Yijin Pill, Lin Feng made Tiger Bone Chalcedony Ointment. This is Lin Feng himself going up the mountain to hunt the tiger. Take tiger bones and hundreds of medicinal herbs, and even exchange some precious medicinal herbs from the Deification of the Gods to refine the elixir. After taking it, it can harden the bones of the whole body and refine the bones like steel. Even Lin Feng has extracted a kind of viscera-nourishing cream, which is specially used to nourish the viscera, nourish the viscera and kill nine insects. It is of great benefit to the human viscera, which is strong and stimulates the whole body to flourish. Qi and blood are exuberant,65 inch touch screen, which is an indescribable advantage for Zhou Xin. Where does the fighting spirit come from? In fact, it is also a kind of life energy of the human body. Where does the life energy of the human body come from? It is food, so a fighter's appetite is very large, Qi and blood are exuberant, and life energy is sufficient. The cultivation of fighting spirit has a certain relationship with talent, but it has a greater relationship with a person's origin. If you are born in a rich family and eat all kinds of supplements every day, your body is strong, and the cultivation of fighting spirit can be full of fighting spirit. The speed of promotion is also incomparable to the general poor family. But Zhou Xin did not have such a good treatment, his family background is not very good,electronic board for classroom, or very bad, although he has raised the fighting spirit to the realm of the superior warrior, but the body is too weak, because the practice of fighting spirit took away most of his life energy, although the fighting spirit is full, but the physical quality is too weak, if the body is strong, Qi and blood are exuberant. With Lin Feng to spell up, also may not fall into the downwind. Zhou Xin knew very well in his heart that if he continued to practice like this, sooner or later his body would collapse because of the practice of fighting spirit, but he was born in a poor family and did not have many innate advantages. If he practiced fighting spirit, if his talent was poor, it would be better to say, but the more talented he was, the greater the harm to his body would be. However, in a short period of ten days, interactive digital whiteboard ,touch screen interactive whiteboard, Zhou Xin felt that his body had undergone earth-shaking changes. He no longer felt the loss of Qi and blood caused by the practice of fighting spirit. On the contrary, his whole body was full of Qi and blood, and his spirit and will were all very good. Lin Feng produced pills, even Dan medicine is not, unexpectedly reversed Zhou Xin years of blood loss, and even let her blood more stable, Zhou Xin can not help but secretly shocked, Lin Feng in the end is who. "It's a strange guy who has so many wonderful things. If he is known, he doesn't know how much sensation he will cause. He doesn't seem to care. Doesn't he know the preciousness of these things, or is he the son of a large family and doesn't care about these things at all?"? But no, look at his behavior, there is no temperament that an aristocrat should have! Although Zhou Xin is a girl, but the mind is also meticulous, otherwise, I am afraid it has long been a noble bed, she can be said to have been mixed in the upper circle of the aristocracy, how to judge a person's temperament or these skills, but at this moment, Zhou Xin is unable to see through Lin Feng. What he didn't know was that Lin Feng really didn't care, didn't care at all, these things were all strengthened by him, there were more profound things on the Deification List, and there was even a kind of elixir with a very vulgar name, called Da Luo Jin Xian Dan, after eating it, it directly became Da Luo Jin Xian, and these things he refined were not even elixirs. It's just a secret recipe for people who practice martial arts. These are just the most basic things. Lin Feng naturally looks down on them. I'm so hot! Still is the natural moat mountain range, Lin Feng wiped the sweat on the forehead. He also felt the benefits of the pill to himself. Every day, besides doing some good deeds, he went to the natural moat mountains to collect herbs. However, Lin Feng also felt more and more that the effect of the pill on himself was already very good. If it continued, it would definitely lose its effectiveness completely. At this time is the heat, although Lin Feng said to strengthen some physical fitness, but after all, is not invulnerable to the heat, came to a lake, took off his clothes and jumped into the water. It's so cool! Feeling the moisture, Lin Feng felt a burst of refreshing, or the other world is good, comfortable in the middle of nature bath, this is how to enjoy, enjoy in the earth can not enjoy. Uh! At this time, Lin Feng suddenly felt a slight sound, Lin Feng heart can not help but jump slightly, subconsciously squatted down the body, hiding himself in the water. Accompanied by a slight sound of footsteps, I only saw a young girl who was about seventeen or eighteen years old. This woman was extremely beautiful in appearance, graceful and attractive in figure, pretty and heroic in appearance, and her eyebrows were flying into her temples, but she was a stunning beauty. Behind her back, she was casually carrying a sword with cold light shining in all directions. From a distance,smart board whiteboard, she looked like an ancient chivalrous woman. Compared with Zhou Xin, the girl's body is full of vigor and heroism, which makes people involuntarily awe and admire. What is she doing? Lin Feng heart can not help but slightly surprised.