Snow Eagle

"Get down on your knees and kowtow three times,"

"Get down on your knees and kowtow three times," said Sun Hsiao-chin. "Apologize to me, and hit yourself ten times in the mouth. I'll spare you." This.. Miss Sun, you seem to have gone too far. You can't kill anyone without nodding your head! Sun Hsiao-chin raised her eyebrows and said, Too much? Isn't it too much to think of what you said about me before? "If you don't want to kowtow, I'll blow a hole in your cheek and knock out two teeth. Don't worry, I'm a good shot and won't go anywhere else. But if you're afraid and move your head, it's hard to say!" She raised her hand very steadily and did not move at all. Her eyes flashed fiercely. Now Qin Ming was worried. "Miss Sun, if you have something to say, let's discuss it again!" He said hurriedly. "There's nothing to discuss. These are the only two ways. If you don't kowtow, you'll get shot." With her fingers ready to fire, Chin Ming quickly shook his hand and said, "Miss Sun, I'm just following the heckling. I'm not the first one to start." His hand turned to the pony, but the other hand was making a hint to the pony. Sun Hsiao-chin said, "He's indispensable. Because you're leaving, I'll settle the account with you first. What are you going to do?" "Well, Miss Sun," said Qin Ming with another gesture, "I'm afraid of you, and I'll kowtow to you." He slowly knelt down, still surrounded by silence, Qin Ming then understood why he said to the pony after the witticism, the hall suddenly became quiet down. And everyone looked at it in surprise. It turned out that everyone knew the big mother worm, but they got into trouble. These three kowtows really kowtowed down,digital signage kiosk, although he Qin Ming saved his life, but even in the three words of Thunderbolt Fire on the road in addition to the name, no longer want to mix. Fortunately, he has said hello to the pony, but also let the pony understand that Sun Xiaoqin will not let him go, everything is on the pony. Knees have touched the ground, Sun Xiaoqin's muzzle also followed down, Qin Ming secretly aimed at the pony with the corner of his eye, see him no movement,facial recognition thermometer, the heart can not help but secretly hate. "Good boy, you're sitting there in the cool breeze. Look at my excitement. You just watch. I'll make you cry for your mother and father later. You raised it!" He cursed secretly in his stomach, but the scene had forced him not to kneel like this all the time, so he bowed his head with great grievance. At that moment, a figure suddenly floated into the doorway. The man said that the reason why he floated in was that he had not heard footsteps and no one had seen how he came. Suddenly, he appeared in the doorway. It was precisely because this man was sudden that he attracted everyone's attention, and even Sun Xiaoqin turned his head in the past. At this time, the pony and Hu boss have action, they are specialized in the sniping industry gunmen, but also experienced experts, so they know how to take advantage of all opportunities. A man came in at the door, but they ignored him. This man diverted Sun Xiaoqin's attention. That was their good chance. The two men stood up at the same time and quickly pulled out the short gun from their waists. When they pulled out the gun, their thumbs had already pushed away the safety bolt, and the muzzle of the gun pointed at Sun Xiaoqin and spouted fire. This is a continuous movement, but for them, it is almost an instinctive reflex, so fast that it is only in the blink of an eye. But the two men's aim is not enough, face recognition identification ,thermal imaging camera, one shot into the ground, jumped up a pile of broken mud, the other shot was deflected, hit a wine jar on the counter, bang, broken, it is filled with Acanthopanax bark, red wine juice rapidly flowing out, but very much like blood. Qin Ming also did not miss this opportunity, Sun Xiaoqin turned back, he also had action, first of all, a roll, because Sun Xiaoqin's muzzle is still facing him, the most likely to get a shot is him, so he must roll away first. At the same time as he rolled away, he also pulled out the gun from his waist and rolled to the dead corner where Sun Xiaoqin could not reach the muzzle before his gun came forward. But his gun did not fire, for just then he felt a sharp pain in the back of his hand, and with a sound, the gun fell from its grip. Wavelet Scan Big Eyes OCR, Old Rain Building Exclusive Serialization : 50\ 007 Chapter 7 Blood began to drip from the penetrating palm of his hand, and he almost jumped up in pain. The same was true of Boss Hu and the pony. Their guns fired a shot, but they could not hold it. They fell to the ground, with a short arrow nailed to the back of their hands. The three men were hit by the same hidden weapon-a black, iron short arrow with two yellow plumes on its tail, which were carved feathers. The eagle is a fierce bird found in the desert. The eagle is several times bigger and more powerful. Its sharp claws can crush a person's head, its sharp beak can peck through the belly of an ox, and the strength of its wings can carry a sheep into the sky. When Sun Xiaoqin looked back, everything had happened. Looking at the arrows in the hands of the three men, she intuitively looked at Xia Zhichang, but Xia Zhichang's hand just touched his chest, with two willow leaf throwing knives between his fingers. Sun Xiaoqin remembered that Xia Zhichang used a throwing knife, not a sleeve arrow. Naturally, the three small arrows were not sent by him, so who was it? She did not bother to look for it, and Xia Zhichang had already told her the answer. With a smile on his face, he put down the throwing knife in his hand, bent his palm, and performed an interrogation ceremony like a Lama. "That's a good trick," he said. "It's quick and accurate!" He spoke to the door, and naturally the man who fired the arrow came in through the door. Sun Xiaoqin had previously glanced at it and only knew that it was a Uighur, but now he looked at it again and realized that it was a young man who had paid special attention to them in the street and sneered at them. Tall, strong body, broad forehead, face a little flat, nose bridge is very high, deep concave eye socket, a pair of slightly blue eyes shining, by Uygur standards, it is a typical handsome man. He gazed coldly at the whole hall, looking as haughty as a monarch reviewing his subjects. Sun Hsiao-chin, knowing that he was the one who fired the arrow, nodded and smiled: "Thank you!" The haughty young man, however,digital whiteboard price, said coldly in stiff Chinese, "Put the gun away.". I hate people who use guns. If it weren't for the fact that you're a woman, I'd give you an arrow in your hand! 。