Congealed Fat Beauty in 80 [wear book]

"Construction team?" Although did not understand, but Tian Feng listens to her to say two to enter the door,

"Construction team?" Although did not understand, but Tian Feng listens to her to say two to enter the door, also understood her meaning, "do you want to change this courtyard?"? Get an anteroom? Ok, how do you want to change it? You tell me. I'll find someone to help you design it. If you are satisfied, you can buy some materials and get a few people to come over. It can be changed in two or three days. He looked around, and it was not difficult to change the length of the yard to two. Warm listen, this is the right person ah! It seemed that she understood it very well. It was much better than catching blind people everywhere. She said the idea that there was no row, that is, opening the door on the street. See the warm writing on the paper, the words are a little special, it's really beautiful, the warm words blend some modern elements, it's very unique. She said the general request, Tian Feng saw her open the door, she knew what she wanted to do, "you are responding to the call of the state?"? I heard that a document was issued last year that the industrial and commercial office on the other side of the Drum Tower could handle the business license of individual industry and commerce. You didn't want to do business in the front hall of the second entrance. As soon as she heard it, she knew that Tian Feng was a well-informed and sensible person. She said casually, "Yes, this place is close to the school, and the environment is very convenient. So I want to get a store to earn some tuition fees and pocket money." Earn? Pocket money? Did Ze Yang not give enough pocket money? Tian Feng carefully looked at the warmth, the upper body of a beautiful silk material white shirt, a blue double-layer silk suspender skirt, a pair of white canvas shoes on the feet, a ponytail on the head, appears to be small and fairy,face detection android, pure and beautiful. The material of this suit was not cheap at all. It was all cloth bought in a good silk shop. He had not seen this style of clothes on the market yet. Tian Feng has to be shocked, this girl is really not affordable for ordinary people, look at what people eat, now many people have just solved the problem of food and clothing, people eat things have been pursuing exquisite and quality, this is Ze Yang, others really can not raise, get, see, people will not only spend,temperature check kiosk, but also earn, go to college do not forget to earn a pocket money. But "Have you discussed this with Ze Yang?" Tian Feng is familiar with the warmth, just so ask, with Ze Yang's family, probably do not want their own object while reading while doing small business? Although the country now has this policy. No, he doesn't care about me in the military region every day. He is busy every day, so I don't bother him. Tian Feng elder brother, Ze Yang said he is not let me have something to find you, can you help me find a few people to build two into the yard? Like bricklaying, carpentry and so on, I do not understand these, as long as it can be built up on the line, when the time comes I do a business license, and then invite two people to open. Tian Feng looked at the warmth, half a day did not speak, but the matter of building a house, it is not difficult, he had to say: "OK, smart whiteboard price ,interactive whiteboard prices, you don't have to worry about it, I will find someone for you, these two days to arrange for you here, try to get it ready for you before you go to school." That being said, he went back to the office and thought about it or called Zeyang. Yan Zeyang was not there, saying that the military region had a task. When Tian Feng was about to get off work, the military region called him. The voice of Yan Zeyang came from the other side of the phone: "Tian Feng, are you looking for me?"? What's the matter? "Here's the thing." Tian Feng will go to change the door today, warm and discuss with him roughly said to him. She wants a business license? The other end of the phone was silent for a long time before he asked. Yeah, after it was built, they said they were going to hire two people to watch it, and I think it's.. Zeyang, I have to tell you. How to sound a bit unreliable, he said tentatively: "The above is now open to the individual business policy, but the hiring of this has not been heard of, there will be no problem?"? I think your partner is weak in appearance, but you have a big idea in your heart. You have to give her a good check. The implication is that you can't mess around. Yan Zeyang listened quietly. After a while, he said, "I know. You help her get what she needs first. How much is the wage? You can take it with me. She doesn't have much money in her hand. I'll go back in two days." "Well," Tian Feng hung up the phone and smacked his tongue, this old classmate, also too spoiled her object, this is not married, let the object want to do what to do. After Zeyang hung up the phone, he went out on a field mission today. His clothes were not changed. They were all mud. He took off his dirty clothes and remembered something. He picked up the phone and contacted a former veteran comrade-in-arms. At that time, he was a company commander. He was still a soldier under him. I don't know how he is now. In the past, he would never allow her to have the idea of earning pocket money, nor would he let her do business. If she was short of money, she would ask him for it. It was natural for a man to raise his wife and children. To let a woman go out to earn pocket money was not tantamount to hitting him in the face? But think of the warm eyes when she left in the morning, she said let him go quickly, but the heart is reluctant, he knows, but the soldiers are like this, there is no way to take care of their families every day, every parting is tears and pain. If she can find something to do, if she feels happy about it. Of course, the premise is, to be safe enough, in the safe environment he set up, he is willing to give her freedom. Tian Feng's work speed is very fast, no wonder he is popular in their unit, people are easy to talk, work quickly, but also particularly urgent needs, leaders like him such employees, so he is in their unit, as long as the business is not delayed, late and leave early and so on no one cares. Soon the drawings and materials were in place, and people were looking for them. The people who worked were very agile. Four people were old hands. Tian Feng said that their gardens often had neat places, and some places needed to be rebuilt. These people were all good at repairing garden buildings. It only took about two days to build the second house in the front yard. Moreover, the four old hands were ingenious and beautifully repaired. Although it was the second entrance, the style of the first entrance was similar. The eaves were upturned, but a small yard was left, but it was smaller than before, but it could just separate the front hall from the backyard. There was also a place to dry clothes, which did not block the light of the backyard. The room was also tidied up, electricity was pulled, lights were installed,interactive kiosk price, and two windows were opened around the door. According to the warm requirements, the windows were slightly larger, so that the front hall looked brighter.