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"I think it should be soon, or I'll ask you later.". As soon as Tsunayoshi finished speaking,

"I think it should be soon, or I'll ask you later.". As soon as Tsunayoshi finished speaking, the terminal he put on the table rang. He and the prison temple looked at each other, then looked at the terminal, and the caller ID showed that it was dead. He pinched his eyebrows and said helplessly, "It doesn't feel like it's good news." He took the terminal and cleared his throat. "What's the matter, skeleton?" The six skeletons giggled and said, "You and the wild girl taught by Skylark Gong Mi have learned to stay out at night." "I don't think you want to tell me that," Tsunayoshi covered his face. "How's the seven seas? "I said she didn't return home at night. Everyone was looking for her. After looking for her all day, you didn't know that the most powerful illusion she had practiced in the past few years was to hide herself." The tone of the six skeletons was rarely serious. "Guimu Shifang is looking for her. Things seem to be beyond your expectation." "I know," said Tsuna Gilo thoughtfully. "How are the seven seas now?" "She's in Vedic, and the eldest young master of the Atobe family is also there. I think the R4 people should find her soon." The six skeletons raised their eyebrows. "When are you going to come?" "It'll be over soon. Next, you know what to do, don't you?" Tsunayoshi said earnestly, "please." "Kufufu, I know." After the six skeletons finished,smart interactive whiteboard, they hung up the phone very happily, and then said to themselves, "Vedora, I haven't been there for a long time." kufufu——” And Tsunayoshi also stood up and said to the prison temple as he walked out, "Mr. Prison Temple, please tell the Skylark senior that we are ready to leave for Japan." Prison Temple nods: "I know." Hearing the cry of the man in his arms getting smaller and smaller until he finally sobbed,temperature screening kiosk, Atobe could not help but bow his head and ask, "Are you tired of crying?" The seven seas did not speak, but nodded silently. Holding the cup in her hand, Anna said in a small voice, "Jingwu, you are so gentle." Kusanagi was somewhat surprised and said, "Every time I see Xiao Qihai, she is laughing and laughing. Sometimes I think she is heartless. I didn't think she could cry so much." "I always remember something bad." Zhou Fang held his head with one hand, and his tone was still lazy. "Kusanagi, close the shop. It's time for R4 to come later." Kusanagi sighed with emotion as he walked out: "The work efficiency of R4 is as high as ever.". On the other hand, Zun, where on earth did you pick up Xiao Qihai? "Ah-" Zhou Fang tried to recall and answered uncertainly, temperature scanning kiosks ,digital signage screen, "which bar is at the door." Hearing Zhou Fang's conversation, Atobe lowered his voice and asked Qihai, "Where did you go yesterday?" The seven seas shook their heads. "I don't know." Her face was full of tears, she spoke with a trill, her eyes and nose were red with tears, and her pitiful appearance made Atobe feel distressed. Atobe took out his handkerchief and carefully and gently wiped the tears from Shikai's face bit by bit. Then he reached out and touched her head. When Shikai's mood stabilized a little, he asked tentatively, "Did you just say that you remembered what happened before?" "Well, I remember, I remember everything I can remember." Qihai nestled in Atobe's arms, two hands unconsciously clenched his shirt, "and Mom and Dad, all remember.." "I'm not happy to hear you say it." The sound of the six skeletons rang out in the bar, scaring Kusanagi. A group of blue smoke emerged in the air, and soon the figures of the six skeletons appeared. He went straight to Qihai, stared at her for a moment, and then suddenly pulled Qihai from Atobe's arms defenseless. Hello- "Atobe immediately stood up, but did not want to bump into the six bones with a warning look.". "I advise you not to do anything now, either for the sake of this girl or for your own sake," he said with a half-smile. "Are you going to take her away?" Asked Zhou Fang lazily. "Or she'll have to go to prison in R4 like you." The tone of the six skeletons is light. "This girl is picky about food.". ” Atobe stared at the six skeletons. "Where are you taking her?" "Go where she belongs." After the six skeletons finished speaking, they heard the seven seas calling themselves in a weak voice, "Ah skeleton.." She had not eaten or drunk anything since yesterday morning, and she had not been in good health recently. If it hadn't been for the six skeletons supporting her, Qihai might have collapsed to the ground. "I don't feel good," she said. "That's strange," said the six skeletons angrily. "Your powers and your dead flame are now fighting for the sovereignty of your body. It depends on who wins. They won't care about you." He turned to look at Zhou Fang. "Thank you for picking her up." Zhou Fang replied lazily, "It's nothing, but haven't you ever found her?" "Kufufu ~ Half of her illusions are taught by Skylark Gongmi, and the other half are accumulated in actual combat with me." The six skeletons bent their lips and looked askance at Atobe, but they said to the seven seas, "Would you like to say goodbye to your little boyfriend?" Atobe suddenly felt that if he let the six skeletons take the seven seas away this time, he might never see her again. He took a step forward, but heard Qihai say in a very low voice: "No.." He was startled, but saw Qihai turn his head and smile at him. "Don't take advantage of my absence to hook up with other girls. I'll be angry." Atobe is stupefied first, do not know whether to laugh or cry immediately: "Can you still worry about this kind of problem to now?" "Of course not. You're mine alone." The seven seas said, gathering their eyes, "Ah,touch screen kiosk, let's go." "Kufufu ~" The bar once again remembered the strange laughter of the six skeletons, and after a burst of smoke, both of them disappeared. Atobe stood there for a long time until Kusanagi called out to him. He turned around and saw Anna put the red glass bead in front of her eyes and looked at herself through the glass bead. hsdtouch.com