Demon Blood Emperor

"Certainly not. If the master of the house makes a move, how can he hide his head and show his tail?"

"Certainly not. If the master of the house makes a move, how can he hide his head and show his tail?" Xie Gang shook his head and rejected it, then looked at Xie Zifeng's face and said, "You really didn't see who did it?" "No." Xie Zifeng has a serious face. I'll have to go back and ask Uncle Chang about this. Xie Gang muttered to himself, "If this man is a friend of my Xie family, that's all right." If the Xie family has such a powerful and unfathomable friend, it will be enough to deter the great families in Nanhuangcheng! (Please recommend, please collect, thank you, Xie Zifeng) Chapter 26 ringtone reproduction! Full text update, TXT download, all in the novel Knight Xie Zifeng's confrontation with the Wu clan in the city not only alarmed the elders of the major clans in Nanhuang City, but also caused the whole city to be restless, and almost all of them were talking about it! The people of the Hsieh family were equally shocked when they heard this. In the Xie's hall, there were several elders of the Xie family sitting upright, and the atmosphere looked dignified. The Wu family is really too arrogant. In the contest between the children of the two younger generations, they dare to attack the practitioners of Tiangang Realm. Do you think there is no one in my Xie family? When Xie Changtian learned of this, he flew into a rage, and his palms were overflowing with anger, shaking the Tiemu tea table beside him into debris. The Wu family is getting worse and worse. Even Master Zifeng dares to move. It seems that our Xie family has been silent for too long! "Who would dare to do that if Evergreen were here?" Xie's elders were extremely angry and shouted loudly one by one. Xie Zifeng is the heir of the Xie family status is extremely respected,Small Dc Gear Motor, plus his father Xie Changqing Weizhen Shenhuang mainland no one knows, so the son of the character, don't say Nanhuang city even Zhaowu Dynasty royal family also dare not neglect, who dares to attack so openly? The Wu family is undoubtedly hitting the Xie family in the face this time, hitting Xie Changqing in the face! "Well, things have happened and you don't have to get angry first. It's lucky that Zi Feng can save the day!" Xie Chang sat at the head of the hall and said lightly, "Now he has the highest status in the Xie family. As soon as he opens his mouth,12v Dc Motor High Torque Low Rpm, everyone stops making noise." Chang Lao, according to what Zi Feng said, the Wu family must have made arrangements for a long time, and deliberately let Wu Tianming provoke him, so as to make a move! Xie Gang got up and said. I think it's possible! An elder chimed in, "They must be afraid that Master Zifeng will stand out in the contest of all nationalities in the near future and get the quota to participate in the Hundred Clan Dynasty to worship those who are outside the world and become his father's peerless figure, so they want to take this opportunity to strangle it!" "The Wu family is too insidious!" The elders of the Xie family nodded repeatedly. After the last purge, several elders attached to Xie Jingyuan have been unable to discuss, now most of these people in the hall are dedicated to the overall situation of the Xie family, no one has selfishness, so this matter is particularly important, eager to fight with the Wu family! "Well, now that we are about to compete for the quota of the Hundred Clans, we can't break up with the Wu family. As long as Zifeng gets the quota, Vending Machine Motor ,small geared motors, he will be able to hold up a day for my Xie family when he worships the Hundred Clans." Chang Lao said, "who will dare to disrespect my Xie family?"? "As for the Wu family, it's not too late to deal with them after a long time!" "Of course, if anyone dares to defy the majesty of my Xie family, I, Xie Chang, will fight for my life and wash them in blood." Xie Chang's eyes were sharp and majestic, and he said word by word, "The old man will let them know the power of Xie Shi, and they can't be shaken lightly!" The old man's last words, like thunder, soared into the sky and spread throughout the southern wasteland city, alarming countless people. It seems that the Xie family is really angry! Many clan elders are frowning, a dignified face, if the practitioners of Xuandanjing really want to start desperately, any forces in Nanhuangcheng will be a headache, not to mention the rich Xie family? Who can guarantee that Xie Changqing has not left the Xie family a few treasures against the sky? After a discussion, the Xie family broke up the meeting. Xie Changtian and Xie Gang and others stayed. "Chang Lao, according to Zi Feng, the martial arts used by Wu Tianming is the formula used by Ling Fei in the past. Will there be any collusion between them?" Xie Gang looked awestruck and said, "Wu Tianming used the explosive Dan to enhance his strength. Xie Lingfei's aptitude is not as good as Zifeng's, but he suddenly stepped into the innate realm. There seems to be some connection between the two!" "You mean Xie Jingyuan colluded with the Wu family?" Next to the long sky, the light of the eyes sank and said. Xie Gang nodded his acquiescence. Zi Feng, do you think? Old Chang frowned slightly, and then looked down at the young man sitting upright. Granduncle, I think this is very possible! Xie Zifeng had not interrupted before, at this time most of the elders in the clan left, the rest are his grandfather this line of people, trustworthy, this just opened his mouth to say. Oh Chang Lao frowned and stared at the young man with a serious face, his eyes showing the meaning of inquiry. To tell you the truth, I met two monsters comparable to the innate realm when I was in the ninth pass of the forbidden place in the clan, and almost fell inside! Xie Zifeng looked awestruck and said, "But at this time, Xie Lingfei is like a magic soldier from heaven, inexplicably stepping into the innate realm, as well as the heavenly martial arts that my Xie family has never had, many doubts in this really make people have to imagine." "Is there such a thing?" Chang Lao frowned tightly. It's absolutely true. Xie Zifeng way, "just suffer from no evidence, I just didn't say it out!" "So that's it!" Suddenly, he said angrily, "No wonder the old man and the old guys have been trying to force Xie Lingfei to take your place. It turns out that he has arranged it. Knowing that you won't come out at all, he has nothing to fear. The hateful guy even dares to calculate!" Only the elder and the head of the family can go in and out of the forbidden place behind the Xie family at ordinary times. Xie Zhenhai, the head of the Xie family,micro gear motor, gave this right to his son Xie Changtian after his retreat. So as long as you think about it, you can know that it must be the elder Xie Jingyuan who did it. I'll kill him! Xie Gang's eyes were like torches, like King Kong's angry eyes. He got up and was about to capture Xie Jingyuan. Xie Gang! Chang Lao shouted. He should be punished for the crime of mutilating Zi Feng. Shouldn't he be killed? Xie Gang looked back and said.