The Eight Dharmas of the Tathagata in the Willow Setting Sun (Sequel to the Disciples of the Evil Gods)

In front of the bamboo grove, Chang Li Hao Shi, with the sound of Qi Qi Na Cheng,

In front of the bamboo grove, Chang Li Hao Shi, with the sound of Qi Qi Na Cheng, was killed first by the leader of the sea dragon flag, "a slaughter of life and death" Ji Changguang. However, the number of people who went out was only one fifth of the nearly one hundred long outlying islands! Zhu Quanli's expression changed completely. He stared like a bell and shouted angrily, "Wei Xi, are you the overlord of one side?"? Do you still have the face to see the people in Jianghu in the future with such a despicable strategy? Chang Li Yi Xiao Wei Xi quickly attacked Xie Zhi, the son of the demon dragon, with nineteen palms, and forced back the hundred-step crescent moon, who was waiting to rub himself in. He smiled coldly and said, "Master Quan, if you can use this strategy to deal with Jiang Laodi, can't the island master use it to treat you?" The two arms of Guan Xu pushed each other and split six palms. He laughed and said, "It should be you, the Villa Leader, who have no face to see Jianghu friends. Why should you put the responsibility on us?" While everyone was talking and shouting, A tall figure like flying and falling, face to face, has been holding a strong crossbow of the two Yanxia Villa disciples knocked to the ground, tiptoe down, and counterattack is fighting with the iron abacus into the cloud gun Geng Zhong and go! Flying rope Zhu Quanli was burning with anxiety, and the "dragon rope" in his hand flashed a black light: the sharp cone at the end of the rope touched Guan Xu and Xiang Kang, while the steel ring at the end of the rope suddenly covered the legs of the tall figure! This tall figure is not another, it is the ruthless long offshore island sea dragon flag owner-life and death one Tu Ji Changguang! As if he had eyes on his back, his arms were shaking, and he was five feet higher, but he still threw himself into the clouds in the same way! Chang Li saw it clearly and said with a deliberate sigh, "I have more than enough heart, but not enough strength. What can I do? What can I do?" As soon as Tu Ji Changguang died, he was angry at the right time,24v Gear Motor, and his face was so sharp that he blasted out eight palms! Into the cloud gun is no match for the iron abacus Jiao Jiu, when the sudden attack, can not help but be in a hurry, parry, the iron abacus Jiao Jiu roared, "clatter.". In a burst of noise, a two-foot-wide heavy iron abacus appeared and slashed the enemy's legs! Into the cloud magic gun Geng Zhong startled roar half, after a sharp retreat, but life and death a Tu Ji Changguang, suitable for this time to step on the body, is Jieruoxunzhou nineteen palms! Strong wind surging, into the cloud gun Geng Zhong has been unable to retreat,Gear Reduction Motor, he clenched his teeth, in the hands of the silver gun struggled to shoot at the life and death of a Tu Ji Changguang, legs up, flying kick iron abacus Jiao Jiu! Life and death one Tu Ji long light look unchanged, double palm when the chest up a collapse, will shoot silver gun fly in the air three Zhangs, at the same time, his right foot is solid kick in Geng Zhong chest! The iron abacus Jiao Jiu was a little slow, but he struggled with his left arm to catch the enemy's legs, and his right hand suddenly waved, only to hear the heavy iron abacus "touch" and hit the spirit of heaven on the cloud gun! ,。 As a result, half a shrill cry, with splashing blood, Geng Zhong's long and thin body, soft to pour out seven feet away! Life and death one Tu Ji long light also does not look, the body body whirls fiercely, already pounced on the color eagle Qi Bailu in front, shakes the palm to attack, the silk Bo does not make any hesitation! The cold smile that had grown out of the corner of the owl's lips deepened, and with a sweep of his body, he suddenly shot backwards, and in a twinkling of an eye his limbs became one, High Torque 12v Dc Motor ,Micro Gear Motor, gathered into a point, as if in no particular order, regardless of direction, with dazzling rapidity, as if in a violent storm, he used five brackets, thirteen fingers, nineteen elbows, seven legs, and thirty-three palms in one breath! If the thick clouds all over the sky suddenly enveloped down, and like the roaring waves rising from the mountains, like the wild waves of the sea, and like the roar of the sky and the shaking of the earth, the prestige was shocking, this was his hard training of "seven spins and chop"! A flash of blue purple electricity suddenly flew into the sky, and a figure fell upside down to the ground. The fierce Gong Fei Qi swept back wildly. Although Xie Zhi, the powerful demon dragon son, tried his best to refuse, he had no time to block the attacking moves one by one. In a few thunderous muffled sounds, the descendants of the three unique talents in Wulin also hit three palms on their shoulders, arms and other places. They staggered out and sat down! Fu Quan's face was like gold paper, and his breath was like gossamer, lying quietly on the snow, with a dazzling scarlet bloodstain on his chest! Long from an owl hey however sneer, the body is like a strong crossbow hard arrow, shooting into, shaking hands. And three more moves-seven elbows, nine legs and eighteen palms, and then take Xie Zhi, the son of the magic dragon! And -- At the beginning of an extremely sharp roar, a kudzu cane like a poisonous snake, like a rainbow, flew from the slanting thorn and went straight to the chest of a long owl. The head of the cane trembled and trembled, including the twelve heavy points on the upper plate of Wei Xi! Chang Li Wei Wei Xi was taken aback. His True Qi turned upside down rapidly, and his body lifted off six Zhangs! Just as his body was empty, a golden awn, like the rays of the sun, suddenly rolled up to the sudden attacker, Wuding Flying Ring! When Jiang Qing's Wuding Flying Ring suddenly turned around and suddenly attacked Changli Yixiao, she immediately followed closely, and the golden dragon seized the vertical and horizontal, which made it impossible for one of the famous Shuangfei to make any pursuit, and even lost the first chance! As a result, the glory of the golden dragon is like the brilliance of the rising sun. In the night, on the snow, it makes people go back and forth, and the shadow of the stick that conflicts in the golden awn is like a tired old python, which is more and more sluggish. "When an owl looked at him, he laughed wildly.". All right, Wuding Flying Ring, this is called stealing chicken without losing a handful of rice. You have to remember the lesson of attacking people behind your back! At this time, a stuffy hum again, the color eagle Qi Bailu seems to have been injured, the leopard head fork in his hand also fell into the snow, pale face of two steps back. Life and death one Tu Ji Changguang cold hum, double palm and illusion, from nine different directions, continuous to the color eagle Qi Bailu each clap four palms! These thirty-six palms are like thirty-six huge hammers falling from all directions, layers, pieces, dense, numbing, even into a string of palm shadows, interwoven into a strong net, strange and fierce to the extreme! This is exactly the unique skill of Tu Ji Changguang, who is famous in Wulin- "Four Palms in Nine Directions"! Caiying Qi Bailu's fleshy face had already turned purple at the moment. As soon as he saw the palm of the other side, he knew that he could not resist his current skill. He cried out. Roll as hard as you can to the side! The three-ring God refers to Sun Wang. At this moment, he smiled coldly, his right thumb twirled, his black awn flashed,Brushless Gear Motor, and a delicate "coke iron" ring, which was as big as a coin and as prominent as a cut, flew to Qi Bailu's throat like a flowing arrow.