I've read the other comments and I am not alone in the argument I'm making

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I've read the other comments and I am not alone in the argument I'm making

There's nothing wrong with deaths in RS3's cost. Anybody who encounters 10m+ death costs ought to be competent enough at telos to osrs gold paypal produce that earn 5-10 minutes worth of time. (idk solak/aod gp/hr( just done in my iron). 2-3M passing costs can also be made straight out of 5 minutes of the vast majority of high level supervisors. I've an ironman passing costs are not a problem there. You have a massive abundance of both GP and oynx's. Fucks stay crazy, keep crying about 10m tramps that are you poor. I agree, but you are grossly overstating the death cost that is rs3. I use t90 equipment with switches and such and my passing cost is about 2mil and I have never seen anyone say their death cost was 5mil earlier (that I know its potential and people do have it, but its rare enough that as somebody that pvms with different people for hours each day, I've never seen it), so the typical definitely isnt 6mil.

By overstating the typical departure cost you're poking holes in your own argument rather than strengthening as I'm confident you had intended. With the way Jagex is, a jmod could literally look at this post and just point out that even basing on instanced boss encounter fatalities, the average departure cost cost is way less than you mentioned so there's absolutely no issue and no rework is necessary. As I said at the start, I agree with you, but I'm just giving some feedback on that part because it is a very informative and mostly factual article minus the part.I earnestly don't think I'm overstating the cost for a pvm death using a typical gear setup. Admittedly, it is a standard equipment installation. Item brings this to over 6m still. This is not some crazy setup. It is just a setup with an sgb change, nothing mad.

They aren't, although the dilemma is that you're assuming that PVMers with all the best setups are most. Armor with switches that are t92 and Complete weapons has like a passing expenses and best. But its character is that individuals are not geared with t92 including their switches. Most individuals are geared with a combination of t92, t90, and t80 (nex gear since sirenic/ t80 d2d until monday) because of their firearms, armor and switches for PVM so that they aren't hitting those high death costs.

I've read the other comments and I am not alone in the argument I'm making, like 90% of the comments agree with me, that shows that my argument is correct. That means the typical death cost isnt going be 6mil if a majority experiences departure prices of 2-4mil for their friends and themselves then. And for each top-tier PVMer with death costs that are 12mil to stray the typical higher, there's a shit-tier PVMer with a death costs that are 500k to equal it out. The entire first paragraph is speaking to 1 combat style with perhaps potentially a splash of a second because most players dont hybrid and switchscape each and every boss. It is only necessary/ crucial to pvmers doing bossing.

I'm not saying the'average'pvm departure. Nowhere in remarks or my article did I state that. I said there is a pvm installation 6m. The pic I connected is your conventional aod inventory and it is a 6m+ departure... I realize not every passing is 12m, but is there a good reason ANY departure ought to be 12m? That's the point of my article. I believe OSRS greatest reflects a understanding of how punishing death ought to be. Standard and average can literally be used interchangeably. You are just being nitpicky on semantics to try and redeem a missing argument. The normal PVM setup isnt hybrid switches for AOD or even Solak or Telos or Rago stop citing them. Your article made a good point, but your ignorance is making a fantastic debate to buy RuneScape gold a shit one.