Records of the Grand History of China

Volume 85: Biographies of Lv Buwei No.25 Lv buwei, Yang Zhai Jia people also. Come and go to sell at a low price and sell at a high price, and the family is tired.

Volume 85: Biographies of Lv Buwei No.25 Lv buwei, Yang Zhai Jia people also. Come and go to sell at a low price and sell at a high price, and the family is tired. Qin Zhaowang forty years, the prince died. Its forty-two years, to the second son An Guojun for the crown prince. An Guojun has more than twenty sons. An Guojun has very much love concubine, thought to be the lady, called Huayang lady. Lady Huayang is childless. An Guojun male name son Chu, son Chu mother Yue xia Ji, don't love. Zi Chu is the proton of Qin in Zhao. Qin number attack Zhao, Zhao is not the ceremony of Chu. Son Chu, Qin all common evil sun, quality in the governors, car ride into with not Rao, home trapped, not satisfied. Lv Buwei Jia Handan, see and pity, said, "this rare commodity can be occupied.". Then he went to see Zi Chu and said, "I am able to go to the door of the Great Master." Tzu Chu said with a smile, "Come from the door of the Great Prince, and it is the door of the Great Prince." Lu Buwei said, "You don't know. My door is bigger than your door." Child Chu heart know so called, is lead and sit, deep language. Lv Buwei said, 'The king of Qin is old, and the king of An has to be the crown prince. It is said that An Guojun loves Lady Huayang. Lady Huayang has no children, and the only heir who can make an heir is Lady Huayang'. This son brother more than 20 people, son and in the middle, not very lucky, long quality governors. That is to say, when the king died and the king of the country was made king, the son would not have to compete with his eldest son and his sons for the crown prince in the former. Tzu Chu said, "Yes.". For what? Lv Buwei said, 'You are poor, and you are a guest here. It is not for you to offer yourself to your relatives and to make friends with your guests. "Though Buwei is poor, please take Qianjin as your son to travel westward, serve the king of Anguo and Lady Huayang, and make your son your heir." Zi Chu Nai Dun said, "It must be like your master's plan. Please divide the state of Qin and share it with your master." Lv Buwei gave his son Chu five hundred yuan of gold, which he used to serve his guests. He also gave him five hundred yuan of gold, which he used to buy strange things to play with. He went west to the Qin Dynasty and asked to see Lady Huayang's sister, and all of them offered their things to Lady Huayang. Because of the wise words of Chu, the princes and guests all over the world, often said, "Chu also regards his wife as heaven, weeping day and night to think of the prince and his wife.". Madam is overjoyed. Buweiyin made his elder sister say to his wife, "I have heard that those who serve people with their looks, their looks decline and their love relaxes.". Now the lady serves the prince, very much love and no son, not at this time the flea knot in the sons of the virtuous filial piety, lift up as a son, the husband is respected, after a hundred years old, the son is king, will not lose power, this is the so-called word and the benefit of all generations. Do not be based on the tree at the time of prosperity, that is, after the decline of color and the relaxation of love, although you want to open a word,die cast light housing, can you still get it? This son Chu Xian, and know the male also, the second not to do, his mother is not lucky, since attached to the lady, lady sincere to pull out at this time think, lady is the world have favor in the Qin Dynasty. Lady Huayang thought so, between the prince, calmly words Chu quality in Zhao is absolutely virtuous, come and go are praised. With tears in his eyes, he said, "I am lucky enough to be in the harem, but unfortunately I have no son. I would like to have my son, Chu Li, as my heir, as my concubine." An Guojun Xu, is carved with his wife jade amulet, about the heir. An Guojun and his wife bequeathed their son Chu, and asked Lv Buwei Fu, and his son Chu became more and more famous among the princes. Lv Buwei took all the concubines in Handan, who were absolutely good at dancing and living, and knew that he had a body. Son Chu never Wei drink, see and say, because of the longevity, please. Lv buwei nu, read has broken home for the son Chu, to fish strange, is hence offer his concubine. Ji since hide have body, to the big period, give birth to the child. Son Chu Sui Li Ji as his wife. Qin Zhaowang fifty years, car radiator cap ,titanium machining parts, make the king around Handan, urgent, Zhao to kill son Chu. Chu and Lv not Wei Mou, line gold six hundred jins to keep the officials, off, death to the Qin army, hence to return. When Zhao wanted to kill his wife, the daughter of Zhao Hao, the wife of Chu, had to hide, so the mother and son had to live. In the 56th year of the reign of King Zhao of Qin, Prince An Guojun was made king, Lady Huayang was queen, and Prince Chu was crown prince. Zhao also served Lady Chu and Zizheng in the Qin Dynasty. The king of Qin made a year, and Shi was the king of Xiaowen. Prince Chu Dai Li is the king of Zhuangxiang. King Zhuangxiang's mother, Huayang, was the Empress Dowager of Huayang, and her true mother, Xia Jizun, thought she was the Empress Dowager of Xia. In the first year of the reign of Zhuangxiang Wang, Lv Buwei, the prime minister, was given the title of Marquis of Wenxin, who ate 100,000 households in Luoyang, Henan. King Zhuangxiang ascended the throne for three years, and Prince Zhengli became the king and respected Lv Buwei as the prime minister, known as "Zhongfu". When the King of Qin was young, the Empress Dowager was always secretly communicating with Lv Buwei. There are ten thousand people in the Buwei family. At that time, Wei had Lord Xinling, Chu had Lord Chunshen, Zhao had Lord Pingyuan, and Qi had Lord Mencius, all of whom were pleased to see each other. Lv not Wei to the Qin Dynasty, shame, also recruit to the scholar, thick meet, to three thousand diners. At that time, there were many debaters among the princes, such as the disciples of Xun Qing, who wrote books all over the world. Lv Buwei was to make his guests write what they had heard, and the collection of theories was thought to be eight surveys, six theories, and twelve chronicles, with more than two hundred thousand words. In order to prepare for the ancient and modern things of all things in the world, it is called Lv's Spring and Autumn Period. Cloth Xianyang city gate, hang a thousand pieces of gold on it, extend governors wandering guests can increase the loss of a word to a thousand pieces of gold. The first emperor Yi Zhuang, the queen mother more than licentious. Lv not Wei fear of disaster and oneself, but private for the big Yin people think give up people, when vertical advocate music, make with its Yin Guan Tong wheel, make the queen mother smell, with the queen mother. The queen mother smell, fruit desire private. Lv buwei is into, cheat people to tell the crime of corruption. Bu Wei also said to the Empress Dowager, "If you can cheat and corrupt, you must give it to the middle of the matter." The queen mother is Yin thick give the main corrupt officials, deceitful theory, pull out the man eyebrow for the official, hence serve the queen mother. The queen mother private and communication, absolute love. Have a body, the queen mother afraid of people know, cheat divination when to avoid, move to the palace Ju Yong. Often from, the reward is very thick, everything depends on. There were thousands of people in the family, and the guests asked the officials to give up more than a thousand people. The first emperor seven years, ZhuangXiang queen mother of the summer queen mother. Xiaowen queen Yue Huayang queen mother, and Xiaowen king will be buried in Shou mausoleum. Empress Dowager Zhuangxiang was buried in Zhiyang, so Empress Dowager Xia buried Du Dong alone, saying, "Look at my son in the east and my husband in the west.". After a hundred years, when there are thousands of cities. The first emperor nine years, there is a non-official, often with the queen mother, two children, are hidden. Conspire with the queen mother, saying, "The king is the queen, with the son as the queen.". So the king of Qin under the administration of officials, with the truth, even the prime minister Lv Buwei. September, three families, kill the queen mother had two sons, and then moved to the queen mother in Yong. All the people who gave up their homes moved to Shu. When the king wanted to punish the prime minister, he served the first king with great merit, and the guests and debaters were all lobbyists, but the king could not bear to follow the law. In October of the tenth year of the king of Qin, Lv Buwei, the prime minister, was exempted. And qi people Mao Jiao said the king of Qin,socket screw plug, the king of Qin is to meet the queen mother in Yong, return to Xianyang, and out of Wenxin Hou in Henan.