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The roaring sound is getting louder and louder, the sound is coming endlessly, the wind is blowing on the face with a large area of sand and ash, Kaier's body is unstable, turning over and falling down, but the double queen is still holding Baiyu's neck tightly.

The roaring sound is getting louder and louder, the sound is coming endlessly, the wind is blowing on the face with a large area of sand and ash, Kaier's body is unstable, turning over and falling down, but the double queen is still holding Baiyu's neck tightly. Bai Yu roared and wriggled anxiously, but it was no use! The strength of the flow was too great, and this huge force swept them into the middle of the lake! Soon, they lost their figure in a huge whirlpool! The wind was still howling, the sand was still covering the sky, the waning moon cast her last glance, the star twinkled shyly, and the sand in the sand lake surged back to its former form, as if nothing had happened just now! Since ancient times, no one knows where the quicksand lake is, because it is like a huge devil, can appear at any time and anywhere! And Kiel clasped White Jade's neck tightly, drawing a small amount of air from its thick mane and rushing in with the surging sand; and gradually he felt the warm sand enveloping his whole body! He closed his eyes tightly, and all he could hear was a monotonous and annoying noise! His body was swollen, as if his whole body was tightly bound by something, and he felt very uncomfortable! The pressure outside his body was getting bigger and bigger, and they rushed to the bottom of the earth so quickly that he felt it was difficult to breathe! The fine yellow sand seeped into the thick and dense long hair under the neck of the white jade and swarmed into his nasal cavity. He wanted to sneeze, but it was impossible! Gradually, he began to fall into a coma, with large areas of Venus floating in front of his eyes, and his hands holding the white jade tightly began to loosen. Suddenly "boom!" With a big shock, Kaier felt her body flying down,collapsible bulk containers, her hands loosened, and after another shock, everything was silent! I do not know how long, with a sigh, leisurely wake up! He felt something cool wriggling on him. First feeling, he knows he's not dead! Then he opened his eyes to see countless small white snakes nearly a foot long, swimming and wriggling on his body! His whole body can not help but tremble, hurriedly sat up, suddenly felt a piercing pain, stuffy hum and fainted in the past,collapsible pallet box, ears and nose are oozing silk skin blood! As soon as the blood oozed out, more than a dozen little white snakes raised their heads and spat out letters to suck in the purple blood, and then breathed into his ears and nose. Beside him lay the unconscious white jade, and its body was covered with these little white snakes! After a while, Kay woke up again and struggled to sit up, but she was unable to do so, and her joints all seemed to be broken! With a deep sigh, he opened his godless eyes and looked at the place! Here is like a stone room, the room is dim, can not see the real situation around! But he wondered how he could have come here when he was caught in the quicksand? What about the surging yellow sand? Thinking of this, he felt the small white snakes retreating from behind him one after another. As soon as the small white snakes retreated, he immediately felt the blood churning, the stars dancing in front of his eyes, and his body was extremely hot. Suddenly, there was a cool feeling on his body. A small white snake only half a foot long, with vermilion eyes, holding a fruit as big as his thumb, vermilion in color, and shaped like a pigeon's egg. It swam like lightning to the corner of his mouth. As soon as the head of the snake touched, plastic pallet crates ,ibc spill containment pallet, he put the fruit into his mouth! As soon as the vermilion fruit enters the mouth, it immediately turns into a stream of serous fluid, which flows down the throat, and a stream of warm and moist air immediately travels all over the body! Kay was delighted and felt that the fruit was really good. Suddenly she felt a burst of dryness and heat in her abdomen, and her whole body became hotter and hotter. Her whole body seemed to swell up very much, and the pain was so painful that he could not stop humming, and then he fainted again! As soon as the half-foot-long little white snake saw that he had fainted, it immediately looked up and hissed. Dozens of little white snakes immediately swam up to his body again, covering his head, face and body, and at the same time hissing at him! A miracle has happened! Under the cover of the white snake, Kay's frail and thin body gradually swelled, swelled! The clothes he was wearing made a slight crackling sound! Soon, all his clothes were cracked, and his body did not stop until he was two years old! After a while, he began to shrink again, and his whole uniform made a sound like a string of beads, shrinking until it was a little stronger than the consumption of karma! With a deep sigh, he opened his eyes. When the little white snake, half a foot long, saw him awake, it raised its head and swam down to the ground with a happy hiss. The group of snakes answered and disappeared in a flash, leaving only Baiyu, Kaier and the half-foot-long white snake in the room! The little white snake jumped up and stood on the ground with the tip of its tail, hissing repeatedly. The snake's head was connected, as if to ask Kaier to go with him! At this time, Kay felt clean and energetic, and could not help trying to move her body, but when she moved, there was no pain. She was overjoyed and hurriedly turned over and jumped up! Who knows, under a jump, it is more than three feet high from the ground, surprised in the heart, but he himself can not figure out what is the reason! Looking down, he was shocked again. He was almost naked, his clothes were broken, and only some cloth strips were left on his shoulders and arms! Then look at their own body machine flesh, piece of Ben up, there is a trace of thin appearance, can not help but feel happy in the heart, carefully watching the muscles on the arm! At this time, the white jade already woke up, saw the young master stood up, also followed to stand up. When the little white snake saw that they had all woken up, he gave another shout of joy, and his body shot out more than five feet away, and jumped out of the stone room. Kaier then felt that the room was much brighter, turned around and looked around, what a big stone room, the ground was scattered with piles of fine sand, especially around Kaier and Baiyu, it seemed that when they fell in, they fell down together! Looking up, the roof was closely sewn and integrated, and no cracks could be found at all. The walls were empty and there was nothing, as if the stone room had been prepared for someone to fall in! The little white snake stood on the ground with its tail and urged them to hiss. Kaier looked at himself, smiled bitterly, followed the little white snake, and walked outdoors with the white jade. Out of the room door, a passage outside the door,plastic bulk containers, moving forward. Passage width is only two feet, horizontal frame in the air, unexpectedly for a stone beam not attached. binpallet.com