Plug up with flying frost

Wei Zong nodded, and did not admit the state of mistakes, this word said that he could not fully believe!

Wei Zong nodded, and did not admit the state of mistakes, this word said that he could not fully believe! Because this policy has been done for more than a hundred years in the Song Dynasty, and I haven't seen how they are doing. They only nod their heads and don't express their opinions! And allow to play again! Li Gang did not see the reaction, and then said: "Before the emperor went out of the capital, his subordinates had played in front of him once, recommending Yang Shilin to be listed around him, but there was an unexpected moment, and he took care of him."! Nowadays! As I expected, the enemy did it! "How can this Yang Qing keep the emperor from being trapped by the barbarians?" "Brother Yang's martial arts skills are excellent. When the barbarians move foolishly with a three-foot sword, he will be able to raise the power of the big fellow and behead the ugly people in front of the case. The emperor's decree to return to the barbarians will not allow people to seize their ambition!"! Now, I don't know if Taishang has the determination to stop the war by himself! "Here!"! "If we are attacked together, our army will be defeated again, and our ancestral temple will be lost!" "It's not that there are no capable people among the people of the big fellow. It's just that if you're not in your position, you can't shepherd your government. You have the heart to serve the country, and you have no chance to be used by the emperor!" "Did you say that?" "The matter of armament today is all in the hands of Lord Tong. The soldiers are poor and the teachers are old. A group of incompetent people are attached to Yan Chengshi!"! Blocked the virtuous road! If the country loses talent! Chaolie Sheep Dog! Can't stand the enemy-strike! The power of our emperor cannot stand in the enemy camp, so we have to submit to others! "The past is gone, and now there is an urgent need!" "The unbridled barbarians were not what the officials wanted, and they aimed to extort some gold and silver.". Just leave! If not at this moment, change the course: it will eventually be a great disaster for the country! "Where is the general?" "Use the gold and silver lost to the enemy to issue a decree to recruit talented people among the people, reorganize the three armed forces and six armed forces, and resolve to fight a war!"! Can not survive, the morale of the people will be able to revive: "How can you make a success in a hurry?" "Without the intention of breaking the axe and sinking the boat, the fate of the country is in danger. Think twice!"! How can there be a country without armaments that can survive in the world? "What can we do to get the emperor out of trouble?" Li Gang did not know how to make Emperor Qinzong return to the barbarians in peace and radiance. He turned to Yang Tulin and hoped that he could answer this thorny question! Yang Shilin got up and worshipped again: "The family of the grass people, the blood of the royal family for several generations, but there is a green blood heart also reported to your majesty, the Yang family for several generations of border will now be out of touch with the army to build a meritorious service, not immediately get support and serve!"! Now, the emperor is trapped by the enemy, a short time, the enemy still dare not harm! Two hundred righteous men can be found in the grass people's homes, pretending to be palace attendants, serving the orders of the Supreme Court, going to the enemy camp to comfort, feasible'golden toad shedding its shell 'plan, in exchange for the emperor! However, this is only a temporary expedient, when not the right way! Wei Zong had some conation and asked again: "What is the right path?" "If after returning to the city, the emperor plans to make peace with the enemy, and the officials speak cleverly, they will not be able to force the enemy to leave the country and return!"! If the enemy does not defeat our soldiers and civilians once and kill them with fear, he will not extinguish his intention to plot our country's national politics, plastic pallet bins ,ibc spill pallet, lose money to the enemy, and quench his thirst, and there will never be peace! Emperor Hui Zong nodded his head and thought: "Talk about it.". We still have to fight. Loners hate war! Moreover, the virtue of the ancestors of the world, is to become a military commander, the most taboo, lost the hand of the warrior! How can the two generations of my father and son not know the truth that a powerful country must consolidate the army! Nonsense What he thought in his heart was one thing, and what he said in his mouth was another thing. "What Aiqing said is very true. Tong Guan, Cai Jing and others have harmed the country. They should be severely punished after returning to the capital." Li Gang a shock in the heart, think way: "Talking with him is all nonsense. At this juncture of state affairs, he has no reward for his position!"! That's the plan. After that, the bridge will be torn down! "It's so stingy that it makes people feel cold and itchy!" How can you get along with such a fool after a long time? Just listen to Yang Shilin again: "If this stratagem is allowed to act on the cheap, the grass people will only be responsible for the emperor alone."! There is nothing others can do! Emperor Huizong gazed at him and nodded, asking: Aiqing has gained a good reputation among the people as a chivalrous person. "Never!"! The body does not have the name, the sword skill first becomes! Return to the capital soon! In the early years, it was mostly in the wilderness. "Living in Que for a long time!"! What's the matter if you don't know martial arts? Can Aiqing add to the knowledge of the lonely family? "Grass people panic!"! It's a surprise! Then he got up and his italics flew out of thin air, and in the blink of an eye he was disappointed! Look across the hall door! Yang Shilin, shaped like a flying bird, stands on the roof of the glazed tiles! Shake your body like a huge arrow and shoot back! Make Emperor Huizong tongue-tied! Stunned! "Little skill has dirty eyes!" "Aiqing's body is like a swallow, and she will stop at home alone." "Taishang praise, there are two national teachers in the enemy camp also have this skill!"! All under the folk, there are three or five people have some skills! In terms of the world in Kyushu, there are dozens of people outside the Han nationality! But they don't want to be in the temple and be used by Your Majesty! "There is such a thing!"! Then our army has been defeated in successive battles. What's going on? "Lord Tong has banned them, and they have no chance to serve their country!"! The state government bribed the enemy with money, and the common people all know that it is useless to be a warrior, and the power of the world is a scholar! "They can only roar proudly in the mountains and wild mountains and rivers, just for more happiness and leisure!" Wei Zong was said to be silent! With a slight sense of loss, is it a big mistake for him to be in charge of politics for several years and to be jealous of the military's interference in politics and power! Although we have nothing to say, but there is no affinity in the bone, for the monarch did not dare to determine to see me as the dry city of the country! For the minister also need not flatter to serve the king! In the end, the two of them had to resign coldly! That is, your Zhao family's world, is good or bad, outsiders don't have to rush! Those who want to rob your throne are not your subordinates but Hu Fan! If you don't realize it, no one can help it! In the enemy camp of Dajin, because of the two armies in the east and west, the command could not be unified, so the attitude towards Song was not consistent, but the demand for gold and silver was consistent! QinZongDi trapped, adopt a laissez-faire attitude, still dare not to him, and although they are known as the army of five hundred thousand, in fact not so much, the first is the full amount of two hundred thousand, in the war of Liao,plastic pallet crates, has lost tens of thousands of people killed! Will Liao army captured hundreds of thousands of people, as a slave soldier! To boost the momentum! After entering the Shanhaiguan Pass, hundreds of thousands of Song people who had surrendered to the state of Song were brought with them.