Is noone gonna discuss the way the DEMO is 35 gigabytes

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Is noone gonna discuss the way the DEMO is 35 gigabytes

You begin as you normally would, then swing the MT 2K21 stick to aim. It takes some practice to get used to. I didnt realize shot timing is totally gone now. That holding the pole as long as possible is really valuable and not a very overdue release. I skipped 2k21 and was thinking of having this one, receive a brand new 2k every couple of decades. But do yall think at this point it is better to simply get 2k20 for $5 instead of getting 21 (only play myleague so don't care about getting the most recent )

2k20 at this time costs less than a full meal at mcdonald's, cop it. However, myLeague may be a little laggy in deeper seasons on console, so if you can get it on PC that'd be optimal. Its downloaded as speak, I can squander the other $55 I was gonna invest on 2k21 on something else I dont ever need.NBA 2K21 Demo starter Package

Is noone gonna discuss the way the DEMO is 35 gigabytes? 35g for 5 matches, 2ku, and only 6 slots that are available for participant builds....hmm I'm no developer but 35g is mad for just how little we get in the demonstration. What gets me is that the damn restrictions. Like why? What type of demo places a limitation?! It's one thing if a Beta ends imagine COD beta only enables you to start up the match 5 times max even though there is 10 days left. The fuck?

For real. Noone wants to put 35 gigs on something they're only gonna utilize for a little and then uninstall. Especially for someone like me, where the 2k demo would've taken 15 hours to set up. They beg na supply you with a lil little taste. Largely so individuals who want to play with 2k but don't wish to buy it, don't sit there and play with the 3 all time groups over and over.

Bro trust me nobody is doing this, it a far better experience to pick up last years match for next to nothing and upgrade rosters, I feel like the reason they did so is indeed less ppl encounter glitches. Theres glitches in 2k20 too tho... so if 2k21 is just a copy paste of 2k20, then it is gonna have the same glitches regardless.

As someone who moved from 2k19 to 2k20 just last week, the collision detection is far better. Players dont clip to each other as much anymore. There are Buy 2K21 MT a couple things that never got fixed, like the hair respawning constantly during cutscenes and hair physics which vanish on random cheer leaders.